2011 Top Names for the Family Pet

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What a face!

Do you remember how you obsessed over choosing your child’s name? All day long, you’d mentally check off names in your head. Of course, you and your partner had to agree, which always makes it slightly harder.

There is something about selecting a name that can be incredibly difficult. After all, the name will stay for that person’s life and many parents don’t want to pick too popular a moniker.

But what about your pet’s name? Certainly, it’s not the same as choosing a child’s name, but picking out the alias for the family pet is often decided with a bit of debate, especially if you have kids old enough to offer their favorite selections.

Even pets have a list of top names. Surprisingly or not, some are Twilight-inspired while others are more traditional.

Here is a list of the top pet names for 2011 (did your pet make the list?):

1. Bella
2. Max
3. Buddy
4. Daisy
5. Bailey
6. Lucy
7. Molly
8. Coco
9. Charlie
10. Rocky

For a full list of the top 25 pet names, click here.

Did your pooch make the list? Did your kids play a role in choosing the name?

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