21 Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Runner

Someone you know is running their first race in a few weeks, or maybe later this summer. They’ve been working really hard at training, and they are a little nervous about how things are going to go. Maybe they are running for charity another friend’s mom had breast cancer, and they are racing/raising money for the cure or they wanted to get in shape and they knew the only way they would stay motivated is by signing up for a race.

You’ve been supportive of them and amazed at how dedicated they are, and you want to show them how proud and inspired you are by them and their accomplishment, and maybe surprise them with a gift at the finish line. But what? Here are 21 ideas for gifts for runners, certainly one for your runner-friend, certainly one in your price range.

  • 21 Gift Ideas For The Runner In Your Life 1 of 22

    Because they've worked so hard . . . .

  • Chocolate Milk and Cookies 2 of 22

    The perfect recovery drink with a tasty treat to dunk in it.


  • Headband 3 of 22
    Resting after training

    Good to hold back hair, good to hold back sweat. It could be a fashion accessory, it could be a functional accessory. It could be both.



  • Waterbottle 4 of 22

    Useful around the house, useful on runs, useful on hikes or picnics or whatever. Comes in all shapes and sizes and can be personalized!


  • Foam Roller/Self-Massager 5 of 22

    So great for loosening up and helping prevent injuries. Every runner should have one.


  • Foot Cream or Lotion 6 of 22
    care for beautiful woman legs

    Because runner's feet can get pretty beat up. It's nice to treat them with respect every now and then.


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  • Runner’s World Subscription 7 of 22

    Hands down the best running magazine. Caters to all kinds of runners, has great tips, is interesting and motivating.


  • A Book About Running 8 of 22

    Born to Run, of course. But there's also The Complete Book of RunningOnce a RunnerRunning for My LifePreRunning and Being, among many others.


  • Socks! 9 of 22

    Always a good idea. A good pair of running socks is worth their weight in gold.


  • Gift Certificate To Their Favorite Running Store 10 of 22

    Because it's always fun to go pick out some snazzy new shorts to wear. (Even when you're pregnant.)


  • Pint of Ice Cream And a Movie 11 of 22

    To relax and unwind with after a job well done.


  • Entry Into Their Next Race 12 of 22

    Keep them motivated, give them something to follow up with. Extra credit: sign yourself up while you're at it.


  • Visor or Sunglasses 13 of 22

    Help them look super cool and serious and protect their eyes from harm.


  • Yurbuds 14 of 22

    So they can comfortably and effortlessly rock out on the run. Check them out here.


  • Injury Kit 15 of 22

    Ice pack, band aids, moleskin, athletic tape, anti-friction cream, needle to pierce blisters, you know, that kind of thing.



  • Framed Picture Of Them At Their Race 16 of 22

    It could be one of those notoriously awful race photos or it could be a nice one of them standing triumphant at the finish. You choose.


  • Running Log 17 of 22

    To keep track of all of their training so they can kill it at their next race.


  • Massage 18 of 22

    Good to loosen up before, or deal with tightness after. And so. very. relaxing.



  • Pedicure 19 of 22

    Runners beat up their feet so much. Let the feet have a break and get pretty for once.


    photo: istockphoto

  • Personal Item Belt 20 of 22

    Holds cash, ID, phone whatever to keep their hands free on the run.

    I love this one from FlipBelt.


    Photo via FlipBelt.

  • Arm or Handband For Phone 21 of 22

    Because a phone is not just a phone it's got your music, your gps, your run tracking app . . . you need it, but you don't want to hold it.

    HB Tune has a good hand band.

    This armband is a solid choice, too.


    photo via grantwoodtechnology

  • Running Club Membership 22 of 22
    A group of runners in a cross country race.

    If they're into socializing or want more structure and motivation in their workouts, running clubs are a great resource. Find one near you.


    photo: istockphoto

Or maybe it’s you that’s the runner. If so, go ahead and pass this on to your partner as a subtle hint for the next time you have a special day.


Price Guide: 

Prices vary widely on some of these items, but here is a general guide to help you out.

$=less than $10



$$$$=more than $50

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