21 Hilariously Awkward Stock Photos of Brides

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Singin' in the rain of the waterfall into my flower bouquet microphone totally natural no big.

Being a bride is a special occasion in a woman’s life, and since it only happens up to five times, it’s important to photograph each occasion well. God, I remember my beautiful wedding — it was the only good thing about my marriage. Even though my relationship didn’t work out, I still think fondly about what a lovely bride I was, and I have some wonderful pictures that pay homage to that special day my body was its thinnest and my hair its biggest. Not every bride is so lucky, though. In spite of the bride’s and photographer’s best intentions, some portraits of the woman-of-the-hour just turn out to be super-duper awkward. (About as awkward as using the phrase super-duper, in fact.)

If you’re a bride-to-be, take warning from these photos below. It’s best to avoid awkward settings like a forest, stream or torture chamber when crafting the perfect portrait. Also, try to minimize the use of props:

  • Here I am! 1 of 21
    Here I am!
    Hanging from a tree!
  • Oh no! My earring! 2 of 21
    Oh no! My earring!
    If I weren't such a helpless female, I'd actually get up from here and go on with the ceremony without earrings, but because I'm afraid I'm not pretty enough, I guess I'll just stay here and weep.
  • Help! 3 of 21
    I can't make my way through this maze of red fabric!
  • Yo. 4 of 21
    I'm just hangin' out by a waterfall using my bouquet as a karaoke microphone. No big.
  • Are we done yet? 5 of 21
    Are we done yet?
    I left my Harley running.
  • I’m so happy! 6 of 21
    I'm so happy!
    My dream of getting married in a cemetery finally came true!!!
  • Look! 7 of 21
    Over there! At that bride who's not pointing!
  • What. 8 of 21
    You order bride in mail, you get bride in mail. They ship me in box. I lose half my dress. I need smoke, okuhyay?!
  • Why … 9 of 21
    Why ...
    are these petals attacking me?
  • Huh? 10 of 21
    Why is it always raining flowers???
  • PIE 11 of 21
  • I also … 12 of 21
    I also ...
    ... pee in my pants. Surprise!
  • I’m a bitch, get it? 13 of 21
    I'm a bitch, get it?
    Oh, also I like coffee.
  • It’s a good thing … 14 of 21
    It's a good thing ...
    I kept that slutty nurse outfit from Halloween to wear to my wedding!
  • YES! 15 of 21
    No one else is going to walk down the aisle with a scale instead of a bouquet! I WIN!
  • Glug glug glug glug … 16 of 21
    Glug glug glug glug ...
    glug glug glug glug ...
  • Cool. 17 of 21
    Now that I'm drunk, I like my husband!
  • No!!! 18 of 21
    Why did I agree to marry all these gay male dancers????
  • I knew it! 19 of 21
    I knew it!
    I knew I shouldn't have gone to that discount manicurist!!!
  • WAIT 20 of 21
    Let this herd of elk cross in front of me OR I'M NOT GETTING DRESSED.
  • Hey. 21 of 21
    I look like Marisa Tomei and I'm marrying a horse. Deal with it.

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