21 Things Women Don’t Want to See In a Guy’s Online Dating Pics

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Would you date a guy with a photo like this?

So I’m on this free dating website — because I’m single and ready to mingle — but I don’t seem to have that much luck with it. I mean, I’ve gone on some nice dates with some nice guys, but nothing really sticks. I don’t know if it’s because the men are too picky or I’m too picky — after all, I did get a message today from a guy who joked on his profile that he sticks his big toe in his butt every day to stimulate his prostate. Should I have replied? Maybe I need to give love a chance! The man is obviously interested in trying new things. Yes, I get a lot of messages from duds, but I sometimes initiate contact, too, if I think the match might work. I recently noticed a common theme among the guys I tend to contact — they all have a lot of adventure pictures on their profile. The kind that make them look really masculine and exotic and interesting. I started to think about what our online dating pictures say about us, and I asked my gal pals what they don’t like to see in a guy’s photo. I got way more answers than I anticipated! When it comes to dating, at least women know what they don’t want. Here are the 21 Things Women Don’t Want to See In a Guy’s Online Dating Pics:

  • Necklaces 1 of 20
    Especially if they're entwined in hair.
  • Long Hair 2 of 20
    Long Hair
    This one's up for debate, but it was on the list of complaints. If you have long hair, make sure it looks good!
  • Full Face Mask 3 of 20
    Full Face Mask
    A friend said she got a message from a guy whose profile photo was of him in a leather bondage mask. No. Just no. Save that for Craig's List.
  • Dolls 4 of 20
    That same friend got a message from a guy with a photo of him surrounded by dolls. This applies even if you're a ventriloquist, dummy.
  • Sports 5 of 20
    "Hey look at me! There are sports happening in this photo because I do sports! Look at how fit and attractive I am! Wanna go eat some egg whites?"
  • Winking 6 of 20
    Oh God! Ah!
  • Your Dog 7 of 20
    Your Dog
    We get it. You love your dog. You're compassionate. You also might be covered in hair and slobber. (Note to self: Take dog pic off your profile.)
  • Your Messy Room 8 of 20
    Your Messy Room
    Mmmm, let's roll around in all that laundry.....
  • Renaissance Faire Costumes 9 of 20
    Renaissance Faire Costumes
    No brocade, no giant turkey legs, no swords. God ye good den, sire.
  • Your Kid 10 of 20
    Your Kid
    Please do not use your child as bait on a dating website! Ew. Mention that you have kids, but no photos. It's disrespectful to them and a turn-off to women. (Or a turn-on for the wrong women! Unless that's what you're looking for. If so, your poor kid.)
  • Your Sister 11 of 20
    Your Sister
    No, that's not a girlfriend! That's my sister! We're very close.
  • Wifebeaters 12 of 20
    The name says it all.
  • I’m on a boat! 13 of 20
    I'm on a boat!
    Unless you're Andy Samberg, no.
  • An Ex Cut Out of the Picture 14 of 20
    An Ex Cut Out of the Picture
    Come on! I see the hair and fingers! Oh, that's your sister? Mmm-hmm. I've heard it all before.
  • Skydiving 15 of 20
    Unless you plan on falling through the air at high velocities throughout our entire first date, I don't really need to see this.
  • Duckface 16 of 20
    It's worse on men. Trust me. (I went through a major duckface phase. You may need professional help to retrain your lips. It's worth it.)
  • You On a Mountain 17 of 20
    You On a Mountain
    I guess you won't be complaining about having to climb the subway stairs, huh?
  • Anything That Makes You Look Psycho 18 of 20
    Anything That Makes You Look Psycho
    So, what do you do for a living? Oh, you're a hit man! That's fun!
  • Travel Pics 19 of 20
    Travel Pics
    "I swear, mine's straighter than this!" Wah wah. That's better than any caption that begins, "From my most recent trip to..." Why do guys think bragging about world travel is such a great hook? If you're traveling all the time, how are we ever gonna see each other?
  • Hot Tubs 20 of 20
    Hot Tubs
    X X X

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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