22 Examples of Birth Art From the Gorgeous to the Gory (Photos)

Childbirth by Jean Debuffet

The act of childbirth is the most important thing to happen to us all. It’s how each and every one of us came to be and how we create the families that fill our homes. Being that it is such a monumental act, it of course would be paid tribute to by way of the arts.

From sculptures to oil paintings to a very detailed quilt, birth in the arts has been celebrated in a wide variety of disciplines, styles and severity. We’ve collected 22 different examples of birth art. Some are realistic, others are gory, and some are austere and reserved, but each one of them is amazing in their own right.

Check out these fascinating artistic expressions of birthing from ancient to contemporary right here.

Would you ever hang a piece of art illustrating childbirth on your wall?

  • A Powerful Birth Painting 1 of 21
    By Canadian artist Amanda Greavette, this painting beautifully captures the moment right after birth.
    Source: Birthing Body
  • Mother and Child Sculpture 2 of 21
    This is a very realistic sculpture called "Mother and Child" by artist Ron Mueck. An eerily real-looking piece.
    Source: Unedit My Heart
  • The Midwife By Adrian Baker 3 of 21
    This painting — as an Ottawa newspaper said, depicts the "raw agony many women go through during childbirth." A powerful oil painting for sure.
    Source: Mothers of Change
  • My Birth by Frida Kahlo 4 of 21
    The acclaimed artist Frida Kahlo created this graphic painting "My Birth" which she said is "how I imagined I was born."
    Source: Gallery-Art.org
  • A Hindi Birth 5 of 21
    An example of Hindu child birth art. This mother is surrounded by five attendants and looks very calm.
    Source: Wonderfully Made Bellies and Babies
  • Childbirth in Quilt Form 6 of 21
    This piece entitled "Birth Tear" is by the feminist artist Judy Chicago and is a bold statement made of fabric and thread.
    Source: Art Knowledge News
  • A Study for Crowning 7 of 21
    This is actually not the finished project. The final piece is called "Crowning: Mary Giving Birth to Christ." This is the artist's study for her piece, yet just as powerful.
    Schnell Studios
  • A Metal Birth 8 of 21
    A metal sculpture depicting a woman — solo — giving birth. Simple yet powerful.
    Source: Janet Fraser
  • The Bizarre Birth Art 9 of 21
    This bizarre piece by Mikel Glass depicts the "Birth of Art," where the woman is seen giving birth to Bart Simpson while kicking the medical staff.
    Source: Mike Glass
  • The Illustrated Birth 10 of 21
    This simple illustration is by Monica Sjöö and is called "God Giving Birth."
    Source: Birthing Art
  • Child Birth Oil On Linen 11 of 21
    This very realistic painting — especially the image of the newborn baby — is by the artist Jessica Clements.
    Source: Birthing Art
  • Childbirth Scene from 310-30 B.C. 12 of 21
    This ancient limestone sculpture was thought to come from the temple at Golgoi. Behind the mother is an attendant (whose head is missing) and a person seated, holding the newborn.
    Source: Met Museum
  • A Vintage Wood Cut 13 of 21
    A seated birth from centuries ago.
    Source: Meter Down
  • Nude Britney Gives Birth 14 of 21
    By Daniel Edwards, this sculpture was of a naked Britney Spears giving birth while on all fours and laying on a bear skin rug. Wow.
    Source: Culture Kiosque
  • Aztec Birth Art 15 of 21
    This is apparently a depiction of a woman having herbs applied to her back by a midwife right after giving birth.
    Source: Poster Shop UK
  • A Roman Scupture of Child Birth 16 of 21
    An ancient Roman sculpture featuring a woman giving birth.
    Source: Wonderfully Made Bellies and Babies
  • Medical Painting of Birth From France 17 of 21
    This painting from France (circa 1800s) depicts a trio assisting in the birth of a baby. It was noted that this was a "medical" painting, so perhaps this was a visual aid for future doctors ... it doesn't look like it would be something to hang in the dining room.
    Source: Tales of Autumn
  • Surrealist Birth Art 18 of 21
    This 1955 painting by Andre Masson is a more abstract look at child birth.
  • High Tech Birthing Art 19 of 21
    A high-tech, X-ray-looking image of child birth by Alexander Tsiaras of "From Conception to Birth: a Life Unfolds" fame.
    Source: Electric Edge
  • A Medieval Birth 20 of 21
    A very proper and refined illustration of the moment after childbirth.
    Source: Birthing Art
  • Birthing Vessel 21 of 21
    A sculpture from Peru depicting a birthing partner holding the mother from behind while a kneeling helper grabs the baby.
    Source: Digital Journal

Image Above Source: Terminartors

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