23 Totally Cool & Creepy Halloween Tattoos (Photos)

Halloween is a holiday predominantly celebrated by children. It’s a day of dress up, school parades, trick or treating and lots and lots of candy. But even though many adults may be too old to ring bells for sweets, Halloween still has a soft spot in their hearts, and apparently also on their skin.

While tattoos celebrating Arbor Day or Ground Hog Day may be rare, getting a tattoo in honor of Halloween is pretty darn popular. Halloween’s iconic images are a good match for tattoo art with bats, skulls, zombie and, of course, pumpkins.

Check out these 23 examples of tattooed homages to Halloween right here.

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  • Zombie Girl 1 of 22
    I hope this was a photo of the person's kid from Halloween that they just loved. Otherwise, well, it's just weird.
    Photo Source: Merchant Circle
  • Wide Eyed 2 of 22
    The sweetness of this little's boy eyes doesn't make this Halloween tattoo creepy, rather it makes it super cute.
    Photo Source: Tattoo Inspiration
  • Bride of Frankenstein 3 of 22
    This is a very colorful rendition of the classic character - the Bride of Frankenstein. It's like every day is Halloween with her hanging around.
    Photo Source: About.com
  • Pin-Up Witch 4 of 22
    There are all sorts of details added into this complex and detailed tattoo, from the naked witch to the fall hued squash.
    Photo Source: Jason Stephan
  • Wicked Witch of the West 5 of 22
    This is a gorgeous tribute to the The Wizard of Oz and the very iconic Wicked Witch of the West.
    Photo Source: Apropos of Nothing
  • Mummy Cat 6 of 22
    I can't figure out if this one is cute or creepy.
    Photo Source: Tattoo Gathering
  • House on Fire 7 of 22
    This is a classic Halloween scene living on this person's arm. It's got pumpkins, a leafless tree, and a spooky mansion, a mansion that just happens to be on fire.
    Photo Source: Rate My Ink
  • The Halloween Cupcake 8 of 22
    This isn't just an tattoo in honor of Halloween, it's in honor of the Halloween cupcake! Delicious.
    Photo Source: Halloween Forum
  • A Two Parter 9 of 22
    This Halloween scene was too much for one limb, it continued onto a second. One thing, the shade and shadow work is fantastic.
    Photo Source: Ink or Art
  • Bela Lugosi 10 of 22
    As Bauhaus informed us, Bela Lugosi may be dead but he is alive and well in ink form on this person's limb.
    Photo Source: Sexy Tattoo Ideas
  • Black Cat & Co. 11 of 22
    The tattoo may look simple but it is chalk full of Halloween imagery, there are pumpkins, a graveyard, a witch, a demon and of course a black cat front and center.
    Photo Source: God of Insects
  • Scary Halloween Kid 12 of 22
    This isn't just your average everyday trick or treater, this one is wielding a knife. Creepy.
    Photo Source: Trent Edwards
  • A Colorful Halloween Scene 13 of 22
    Most Halloween tattoos are dark and moody, but this one is downright cheery with all its bright bold colors.
    Photo Source: About.com
  • Herman Munster 14 of 22
    For a more campy ode to Halloween-ish characters, this person got a startled looking tattoo of Herman Munster on their body.
    Photo Source: Sexy Tattoo Ideas
  • Trick or Treating with a Voodoo Doll 15 of 22
    You'd think with this much of a creepy costume the kid would have gotten more candy. But I do like how this zombie kid has his own zombie doll.
    Photo Source: Gallery of Tattoos Now
  • Nightmare Before Christmas 16 of 22
    Someone really, really likes Tim Burton. This ain't no little tribute tattoo to the cult classic, this is a full on side piece.
    Photo Source: About.com
  • The Halloween Tree 17 of 22
    A lovely way to pay tribute to Halloween, this woman inked a Halloween Tree on her arm. Perhaps she is a Ray Bradbury fan.
    Photo Source: Adorn Body Art
  • Pumpkin Hand 18 of 22
    Now this is a commitment to loving Halloween. This person got a Jack O' Lantern tattooed on their hand.
    Photo Source: Body Art Book
  • The Mask 19 of 22
    This is one of those tattoos that you just really want to know more about. Is it a portrait? Is it the person's child? And why do they look so bummed out. So, so many questions.
    Photo Source: Guide Code Blog
  • Simpsons 20 of 22
    Every year The Simpsons do a Halloween episode and this person evidently is a huge fan.
    Photo Source: Tattoo Mas Brow
  • Everyday is Trick or Treat Time 21 of 22
    To look at this trick or treating goblin every day, that is a commitment to Halloween.
    Photo Source: Tattoo Gathering
  • Dreaming of Candy 22 of 22
    This skeleton wearing kid has one thought on their mind - candy!
    Photo Source: Trent Edwards

Photo Source: Tattoo Now

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