24 Totally Awesome Disney Tribute Tattoos (Photos)

Some people, they just never want to grow up. Not unlike a real life Peter Pan, they would like to cling — albeit helplessly — to their youth. One way they pay homage to their childhoods is not just by simply watching their favorite cartoons over and over; not by naming their children Wendy, Aurora or Mickey; but by getting a tribute that is way hipper, cooler, and permanent. They etch into their skin their quest for a link to childhood in the form of a tattoo. And when many think of their childhood, they think of Disney. From Mickey and Minnie to Disneyland, the Epcot Center, and Walt himself, Disney imagery has become an iconic way of embracing the days of our youth.

Okay, then there is this. Babble has been acquired by Disney. I’d been planning on this post — collecting images and photos of Disney tribute tattoos — for weeks. And then the news came out that the mothership grew mouse ears and a tail. It was a total surprise. But one that I was delighted by. I’ve always loved Disney. It’s a big part of my youth and of my daughter’s youth. It’s something that makes me feel young. And although I don’t have a back piece as a tribute to Walt Disney, I get it. And here are 24 other people who do too … check out these 24 totally awesome odes to the house that a mouse built right here:

  • Disney Castle & Characters 1 of 22
    Disney Castle & Characters
    This Disney fan got a slew of different Disney tributes on their back, all revolving around the classic image of the Disneyland castle.
    Photo Source: Tattoo Spit
  • The D 2 of 22
    The D
    An old-school logo tat.
    Photo Source Flickr
  • The Haunted Mansion 3 of 22
    The Haunted Mansion
    This is an image from the Haunted Mansion ride, and who wouldn't want a tight rope walker and a crocodile on your back?
    Photos Source: Just Off Main Street
  • Alice in Wonderland 4 of 22
    Alice in Wonderland
    This Alice fan committed a whole lotta skin to their love of all things Alice.
    Photo Source: Tattoo Brew
  • Peter Pan 5 of 22
    Peter Pan
    Different angles of Peter Pan and Captain Hook battling it out on a human arm.
    Photo Source: Tattoo Inspiration
  • Snow White 6 of 22
    Snow White
    Snow White, The Evil Queen, Prince Charming, Dwarves ... they're all there!
    Photo Source Piercing Bz
  • Steamboat Willie 7 of 22
    Steamboat Willie
    An old-school tat for the first Mickey Mouse cartoon!
    Photo Source: Tattoo Donkey
  • The Villains 8 of 22
    The Villains
    A tattoo that celebrates evil in the form of Disney's villains.
    Photo Source: Disney Ink Tumblr
  • Mickey Love 9 of 22
    Mickey Love
    Mickey Mouse holds this girl's heart.
    Photo Source: Fyeahtattoos
  • Property of Andy 10 of 22
    Property of Andy
    Yeah, this is awesome.
    Photos Source: Just Off Main Street
  • Haunted Mansion 11 of 22
    Haunted Mansion
    Another totally awesome Haunted Mansion tattoo. The "Hatbox Ghost."
    Photo Source: Flickr
  • Mickey Mouse Has Her Back 12 of 22
    Mickey Mouse Has Her Back
    Literally. "Where Dreams Come True."
    Photo Source: Disney Ink Tumblr
  • Signed by Walt 13 of 22
    Signed by Walt
    A Walt Disney autograph not in her autograph book but on her arm.
    Photo Source: Disney Ink Tumblr
  • Walt and Friends 14 of 22
    Walt and Friends
    Walt surrounded by old and new Disney characters.
    Photo Source Flickr
  • Mickey circa Fantasia 15 of 22
    Mickey circa Fantasia
    A very majestic and magical Mickey.
    Photo Source: Tattoo Spit
  • Epcot 16 of 22
    An homage to Epcot and the monorail. Someone loves Disney World, oh yes they do!
    Photo Source: Vero Beach Tattoo
  • Walt and Mickey 17 of 22
    Walt and Mickey
    Walt, Mickey, the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, film strips, all combined into an ode to all things Disney.
    Photo Source: Theme Park Review
  • The Magic Kingdom 18 of 22
    The Magic Kingdom
    The Magic Kingdom gets some love with this great big arm piece.
    Photo Source: Disney Ink Tumblr
  • Club 33 19 of 22
    Club 33
    Club 33 is a members-only club in the middle of Disneyland that's incredibly hard to get into. Let's hope this tattoo helped this fellow!
    Photo Source: Disney Weirdness
  • Disney Tattoo Guy 20 of 22
    Disney Tattoo Guy
    See all those tattoos? They're all Disney. In fact the guy is covered with them! George Reiger is known as the "Disney Tattoo Guy." He's been collecting Disney tattoos for over thirty years.
    Photo Source: B3TA
  • Arty Mickey 21 of 22
    Arty Mickey
    Now some don't want to get the standard, everyday Mickey. This person went artsy with their Mickey.
    Photo Source: Disney Ink Tumblr
  • Epcot 22 of 22
    These calves pay tribute to Epcot and Journey into Imagination.
    Photo Source: Disney Ink Tumblr

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