25 Affordable Date Ideas

If dating your husband and/or saving more money made an appearance on your New Year’s resolution list then this round-up is perfect for you. Yes, it is possible to cut costs without cutting out all of the fun. Allow your desire to save to be an opportunity for you and your spouse or if you aren’t married, the person you’re dating, to get creative and find more ways to enjoy each other without causing your bank account to take a major hit.

Money is nice to have but great memories can still be made even if you don’t have a lot to spend. Here are 25 date ideas for the mama (or papa) who’s more modest when it comes to spending money but still wants to have a good time.







  • Go to the Plant Nursery 1 of 25
    Go to the Plant Nursery
    Visit the garden center and pick out a small tree or plant. Take it home, plant it together, and watch it grow just like your love.
  • Go Out for Coffee 2 of 25
    Go Out for Coffee
    Go to your local coffee shop and enjoy coffee and pastries together.
  • Volunteer 3 of 25
    Support a local organization and give back by volunteering together.
  • Play with Puppies 4 of 25
    Play with Puppies
    Visit an animal rescue and play with the puppies, help bathe them or take them on walks. This is similar to volunteering but strictly puppy based.
  • Paint 5 of 25
    Visit a pottery studio and release your inner artist. Paint anything from a platter to matching "his and hers" mugs.
  • Go on a Dessert Date 6 of 25
    Go on a Dessert Date
    Enjoy dinner at home with the kids then, once the babysitter arrives, head out for dessert.
  • Take a Train Ride 7 of 25
    Take a Train Ride
    Pay attention for ticket specials and when the price is right, go on a train ride and enjoy an outing during which no one has to drive.
  • Go to Your Local Farmer’s Market 8 of 25
    Go to Your Local Farmer's Market
    Visit your local Farmer's Market. Sample fruits and veggies and while there, pick out a few items and go home and use them to prepare lunch.
  • Go for a Walk or Hike 9 of 25
    Go for a Walk or Hike
    Go on a walk and do some sight seeing in a fun neighborhood or go hiking on a trail.
  • Go to Beach and Watch the Sunset 10 of 25
    Go to Beach and Watch the Sunset
    Go to the beach and draw hearts and each other's names in the sand, search for sea shells, and sit in the sand and watch the sunset.
  • Enjoy a Picnic at the Park 11 of 25
    Enjoy a Picnic at the Park
    Pack up a lunch and head to the park for a picnic.
  • See a Movie 12 of 25
    See a Movie
    Go to a matinee show at the movie theater. You may want to pass on overpriced theater snacks.
  • Take a Dance Class 13 of 25
    Take a Dance Class
    A lot of dance studios allow you one free lesson that way you can get a feel for the class and see how you like it.
  • Go to Happy Hour 14 of 25
    Go to Happy Hour
    Most restaurants have special pricing during their Happy Hour. Make arrangements for a family member or friend to pick up the children and meet for appetizers and drinks.
  • Go to a Game 15 of 25
    Go to a Game
    If you're high school sweethearts consider going to watch an actual sports game at your old school.
  • Attend a Concert 16 of 25
    Attend a Concert
    During warmer months many cities host free concerts in the park. Bring your lawn chairs, a picnic lunch or dinner, and blankets.
  • Visit the Museum 17 of 25
    Visit the Museum
    Spend the day touring the museum.
  • Sing Karaoke or Attend an Open Mic Night 18 of 25
    Sing Karaoke or Attend an Open Mic Night
    Serenade one another and some people you don't know too during karaoke night or, if you're brave (and funny) participate in an open mic night at a comedy club.
  • Rent Bicycles 19 of 25
    Rent Bicycles
    If you don't own any, rent bicycles and go for a ride.
  • Browse the Bookstore 20 of 25
    Browse the Bookstore
    Visit the bookstore or library and pick out a book you can read together in bed later.
  • Take a Food Truck Tour 21 of 25
    Take a Food Truck Tour
    Try out a couple different types of foods you've never had before via food trucks.
  • Take a Trip Down Memory Lane 22 of 25
    Take a Trip Down Memory Lane
    If it's fairly local, visit and show your date around your old childhood neighborhood or visit the place where you two first met.
  • Attend a Talk Show Taping 23 of 25
    Attend a Talk Show Taping
    Sign up online to be in the audience of a talk show.
  • Go to the Arcade 24 of 25
    Go to the Arcade
    Visit an arcade and engage in a little friendly competition.
  • Go Star Gazing 25 of 25
    Go Star Gazing
    Couples do it in movies and on television all the time. Why not give it a try?


What are some ways you incorporate fun in your relationship without spending a lot of money?


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