25 Awesome, Odd and Adorable Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards


You know what this collection of awesome, odd and adorable vintage Valentine’s Day cards proves? That there is a card for every person, object and occasion. Take the talking sock to the left, who insists, nay, demands that the recipient of the card be their Valentine. Let’s hope it’s a match made in sock heaven.

Also in the mix are bears, babes, ducks, humans, pigs and something called a “thing.”

Check out all these wacky Valentine’s Day declarations right here:

  • Don’t Duck Out 1 of 24
    Don't Duck Out
    "Don't Duck Out When I Come Around Valentine," yeah, just a little bit creepy.
    Photo Source: Etsy/ auntemilie
    Available for $12
  • Piggy Valentine 2 of 24
    Piggy Valentine
    This little piggy is out shopping for love.
    Photo Source: Etsy/ RecycledWares
    Available for $5.99
  • Let’s Do Our Thing 3 of 24
    Let's Do Our Thing
    Apparently this green object is a "thing." Looks more like a green toilet paper roll.
    Photo Source: Etsy/ OrbitingDebris
    Available for $9
  • In the Air 4 of 24
    In the Air
    "I'm in the air about you." Pretty darn adorable.
    Photo Source: Etsy/ RetroVintageBazaar
    Available for $3 here.
  • Police Card 5 of 24
    Police Card
    Not the best pun, but cute none-the-less.
    Photo Source: Etsy/ RetroVintageBazaar
    Available for $2.50
  • Super Girls 6 of 24
    Super Girls
    Everyone loves a super hero, and I have to say I totally adore a GIRL super hero! I would love to get one of these on Valentine's Day or ANY day for that matter.
    Photo Source: Ebay/ mineisolder
  • The Perm 7 of 24
    The Perm
    Do kids even know what a perm IS anymore? This card pays tribute to this old hairstyle of yore!
    Photo Source: Ebay/ sienna42
  • Out of Control 8 of 24
    Out of Control
    "My heart is out of control." Okay that's a bit creepy. But at least he didn't hit his mermaid love.
    Photo Source: Ebay/ sienna42
  • All Set 9 of 24
    All Set
    I have to say, this card is adorable. Doesn't he remind you of a young George Burns?
    Photo Source: Ebay/ ankinsenglsh Available for $5.99 here.
  • Cooking Cat 10 of 24
    Cooking Cat
    This card is from the era of posing real cats in very unreal situations.
    Photo Source: Ebay/ buzybee4me
    Available for bidding here.
  • Type 11 of 24
    I seriously want these, or at least how to craft them myself.
    Photo Source: Ebay/ medieval-disco Available for bidding here.
  • Catch a Mermaid 12 of 24
    Catch a Mermaid
    Apparently using the right "bait" was the key.
    Photo Source: Ebay/ sienna42
    Available for bidding here.
  • Hi Cookie! 13 of 24
    Hi Cookie!
    "You suit me to a tea." Yeah, that's pretty adorable.
    Photo Source: Ebay/ gottagoon-2 Available for bidding here.
  • Sherlock 14 of 24
    Who can resist a detective with a big stash!
    Photo Source: Ebay/ gottagoon-2 Available for bidding here.
  • Parachuting Cat 15 of 24
    Parachuting Cat
    Now this is a very special delivery!
    Photo Source: Ebay/ sarkat_collectibles Available for bidding here.
  • I’ll Keep You 16 of 24
    I'll Keep You
    Is that a pumpkin prison?
    Photo Source: Ebay/ gottagoon-2
    Available for bidding here.
  • Jailed! 17 of 24
    The inside of this card says, "I'm crazy for you." So crazy that the little boy ends up behind bars. Weird.
    Photo Source: Ebay/ gottagoon-2
    Available for bidding here.
  • Cannon 18 of 24
    Sometimes these puns are just so off.
    Photo Source: Ebay/ star80z
    Available for bidding here.
  • Whirley Bird 19 of 24
    Whirley Bird
    Nothing says Valentine's Day more than a helicopter delivering hearts.
    Photo Source: Ebay/steveo4961
  • Too Slow 20 of 24
    Too Slow
    First there is the declaration that "I love you," then the disclaimer stating, "I hope I'm not too slow to be your Valentine."
    Photo Source: Ebay/ tinprincess Available for bidding here.
  • Treasure 21 of 24
    Yeah, little boys dressed up as pirates always have been chic.
    Photo Source: Ebay/ gottagoon-2
    Available for bidding here.
  • Up in the Air 22 of 24
    Up in the Air
    "Don't leave me up in the air," oh, no, we won't. You are FAR too adorable.
    Photo Source: Ebay/ gottagoon-2 Available for bidding here.
  • On The Road 23 of 24
    On The Road
    "I hope I'm on the right road, give me a 'break' and be my Valentine." But I foresee some bumps in the road, check out the curves ahead sign!
    Photo Source: Etsy/ Papa2DsPlace
    Available for $4.00
  • The Love Special Blimp 24 of 24
    The Love Special Blimp
    It's the "Love Special" blimp with a special message.
    Photo Source: Etsy/ TreasuresFromUs
    Available for $4 here.

Photo Source: eBay/ gottagoon-2

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