25 Awesome Old-School Christmas Cards: An End of an Era?

Old-School Christmas Card Magic

I recently took a long gander at the┬áplethora of greeting cards we’ve received during the holiday season. This year’s collection of cards was different than past years; they are almost all custom made photo collages of the adorable smiling faces and year-end family highlights courtesy of online card services like Shutterfly and TinyPrints.

Looking at the cards there are only 3 of the dozens and dozens of cards received that are not custom orders. We got one from my aunt (it was handmade), one from my mother-in-law (who sent a standard issue angel-encrusted card), and one from my daughter’s school library (thanking me for my volunteer work shelving books). This made me wonder, is the pre-made Christmas card an end of an era? Is the standard Christmas card a thing of the past, being sent out only by older generations, the non-tech savvy and those who don’t have the funds for the often more expensive option.

To honor this perhaps dying greeting format, here are 25 awesome old-school Christmas cards from decades past. Which style do you like the best?



Article Posted 5 years Ago

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