25 Awesome Pinterest Boards to Entertain, Inspire and Amaze (and to Follow!)

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Pinterest is really and truly addictive.  Many an hour has been lost clicking through the images, products, objects, and oddities curated on these various and very varied boards. But one thing that I find interesting is how inspiring these boards can be. After going through a Pinterest session, I want to redecorate my home, travel the world, bake something new, clean, braid my hair, go shopping for shoes, dress my daughter, craft, attempt to garden, basically all the things I don’t have time in real life to do. But after looking at all the glorious ideas, projects, and pictures it’s hard not be filled with the urge to better my surroundings, my wardrobe, heck, my whole world!

Here are 25 amazing lifestyle boards to follow from fashions for your wee ones, to photos of delicious cakes, to DIY projects to tackle next Saturday morning. Please keep in mind that this is just a list of boards that tickled my fancy, boards that inspired me in one way or another. There are so many boards and amazing arbiters of good taste out there that are just as amazing.  But for some more inspiration for your family’s life, check out these 25 must follow boards right here:

  • Kid Rooms 1 of 25
    Kid Rooms
    Handmade Charlotte has pinned some fabulous images for kids room in her "Interiors: Kids Rooms" board. Highlights include a sprawling Playmobil structure, a stuffed unicorn head and super cool beach ball lamps.

    Check out "Interiors: Kids Rooms" here.

  • Star Wars 2 of 25
    Star Wars
    Ali Worthington's Star Wars board, yeah, it's pretty darn cool. You can't go wrong with the Force!

    You can check it out right here.

  • Vintage for Kids 3 of 25
    Vintage for Kids
    Some kid's items are timeless. They just have that charm that never goes away. Rachelle from Kenziepoo has a great collection of pins called "Vintage for Kids" that includes interesting dolls, bikes, and furnishings for kids from years and decades ago. It's like a history lesson of kid's merch.

    Get all old school right here

  • Clever 4 of 25
    I love things that are clever and this collection of pins certainly is from the extra large Lawn Jenga to instructions on how to make your own Moon Sand. Yeah, we're talking totally clever.

    You can get some of your own clever ideas right here

  • For The Babes 5 of 25
    For The Babes
    Whitney Taylor has over 375 thousand followers, and for good reason. The lady knows how to put together a board! In this board she culled a great collection of items for kids and babies. Tasteful, cute and cool.

    Check out "For the Babes" right here.

  • It’s MY PARTY 6 of 25
    It's MY PARTY
    I tried to resist putting more than one board per pinner, but there were so many fabulous ideas on Whitney Taylor's It's MY PARTY board, well it just had to be shared.

    Join the party yourself right here.

  • Quirky Little Things 7 of 25
    Quirky Little Things
    Oh Joy has over 400 thousand followers, and she delivers the pins that keeps them following. Her "Quirky Little Things" board features an array of eclectic and yes, quirky, things.

    You can get quirky yourself right here

  • K & L’s Bedroom 8 of 25
    K & L's Bedroom
    Yvestown put together an assortment of pins that they would love to see realized in their niece and nephew's bedroom, actually I'd like to see them in my own daughter's bedroom!

    You can check out the collection of pin for K & L right here.

  • Family Travel 9 of 25
    Family Travel
    Nadia of Child Mode put together a fab collection of family travel pins from cool suitcases to kid friendly destination. All I know is I wanna go to Great Wolf Lodge like now.

    You can follow Nadia's Family Travel here

  • Disney Obsessed 10 of 25
    Disney Obsessed
    There are some of us that are unapologetic for our love of all things Disney. And this collection of Disney inspired pins are fun, silly and stylish. From what Disney Princesses would look like if they were real to images of mice wearing Mickey ears, if you like Disney then check out this board right here.
  • Pretty Little Moments 11 of 25
    Pretty Little Moments
    We all need a pretty little moment in our day. Kirsten has put together a collection of pins that will give you a glimpse of gracious living, simple pretty tidbits that will make your day a bit better (and prettier).

    Get pretty right here.

  • Gardenalia 12 of 25
    I love all of Guinevere de la Mare's boards from "What to Wear" to "Hierarchy of Needs" to "1000 Words." But I was really struck by the great selection in her "Gardenalia" board.

    You can follow Gardenalia right here.

  • To Make 13 of 25
    To Make
    Like I need more projects to try to do, but this collection from Liz Stanley from Say Yes to Hoboken features some irresistible DIY projects form the cardboard guitar to super cool present wrapping ideas.

    Let Liz inspire you right here.

  • Wee Dress 14 of 25
    Wee Dress
    I would put my daughter in every single item on her "Wee Dress - Dressing for the Little Ladies of the House." It's quite a beautifully curated collection.

    You can get some wee dress ideas for your own wee one here.

  • Little Things 15 of 25
    Little Things
    This is a sweet collection of not really little things, since a full size rickshaw is hardly little, but more sweet, cute or interesting items. I'll take one of each please.

    Check out this super cool list of "little things" right here.

  • Ideas 16 of 25
    Jordan Ferney has oodles of followers (over 300k) and she had boards from hair to food to paper. But I loved her "Ideas" board. It features a eclectic mix of party ideas, decor and travel tips. And all the ideas? They're good ones.

    Check out "Ideas" right here.

  • Hair Envy 17 of 25
    Hair Envy
    I'm always looking for new things to do with my hair, if only I had the time I'd try a couple of these buns, braids and blowouts.

    To get some hair envy of your own, check out Eunice's board right here.

  • Crafted 18 of 25
    Colleen has put together a collection of crafts with several that I plan on doing myself like the map turned into magnets and the scrolled paper list. Very cool.

    Get crafty right here.

  • Chihuahuas Are the Jam 19 of 25
    Chihuahuas Are the Jam
    I could have done a whole post on just animals, pets and cute furry things, but I held myself back. But this chihuahua board? It was too cute to resist.

    Check out Chihuahuas are the jam right here.

  • Don’t Be a Hoarder 20 of 25
    Don't Be a Hoarder
    The Next Martha has a message to us all, she doesn't want us to be a hoarder. And to help in that quest, she has put together a pin collection called the Organization Board. And if this doesn't inspire you to sort and store, I don't know what will.

    Check out the organization tips right here.

  • Someday I Will Have a Clean House 21 of 25
    Someday I Will Have a Clean House
    I love this board. Maybe because I myself don't keep a clean house and this sends an inspirational message to me.

    You can follow Becky's board here.

  • Organized 22 of 25
    Oh to be organized, it is a dream for all parents. It seems we are all on a quest to get everything in order. I'm so disorganized that I misplaced the board for this image above! Really. But check out this whole big collection of "Organized" boards here. I know I will (and need to).
  • Food Art 23 of 25
    Food Art
    Jane W is one of the most popular pinners on Pintrest for a reason, she really pins some fabulous stuff. Here she collected images of amazing examples of food art from a watermelon turned into a shark shaped fruit bowl to a adorable penguins made out of olives.

    You can follow "Food Art" right here.

  • Cakes 24 of 25
    You can not go wrong with photos of cakes. Really. It's food porn that we can all agree will get you hot and craving more. Alice Q Foodie's collection of cakes are simply delicious.

    Check out the sweetness right here.

  • Food For Fun 25 of 25
    Food For Fun
    From Banana and kiwi palm trees to BabyBel bugs to gorgeous cakes, this is a fun collection that is aptly named "Food for Fun."

    Get a taste right here


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