25 Awesome Tribute Tattoos to Old School Video Games (Photos)

After seeing the new Disney animated awesomeness that is Wreck-It Ralph, I was struck with a huge pang of nostalgia. Not for Disney animated films of yore, not for the candy of my youth (which was prominently featured in the film) but for video games, all those 8-bit icons of yesterday from Pac Man to Donkey Kong to Legends of Zelda.

As it turns out, I’m not the only one feeling nostalgic, who has a connection and a deep love for these old school games. Actually my fond memories of the games of my youth totally pales in comparison to the commitment these avid gamers have for them. They love them so much they got their images permantatly tattooed on their bodies. Games may come and go – from Pong to Halo – but the classics seem to last forever.

Check out these 25 awesome tattoo tributes to video games right here:

  • Respect Your Roots 1 of 25
    Respect Your Roots
    A very valid point.
    Source: Bartonia's Blog
  • 8-Bit Mario 2 of 25
    8-Bit Mario
    A huge 8-bit Mario graces this gamers arm.
    Source: LadyMpire
  • Kirby 3 of 25
    Kirby is pretty cute, which of course makes him fodder for a tattoo.
    Source: F Yeah Tattoos
  • The Evolution of Games 4 of 25
    The Evolution of Games
    From Pong and up in totem form.
    Source: 4 Stars Chicago
  • Street Fighter 5 of 25
    Street Fighter
    Street Fighter stands strong on this fight fan's arm.
    Source: Body Art Tattoos
  • Super Mario 6 of 25
    Super Mario
    A very colorful piece dedicated to Super Mario.
    Source: Your It List
  • Mushrooms From Super Mario 7 of 25
    Mushrooms From Super Mario
    These Super Mario tattoo are all about the mushrooms.
    Source: Flickr Hive Mind
  • Duck Hunt 8 of 25
    Duck Hunt
    Yup, someone got not one Duck Hunt tattoo but two.
    Source: Flickr
  • Mario Jumping 9 of 25
    Mario Jumping
    A great 8-bit Mario in mid jump.
    Source: The Geek Media
  • Legend of Zelda 10 of 25
    Legend of Zelda
    Now this is a commitment to Zelda, an entire back piece.
    Source: Bartonia's Blog
  • Game Over Neck Tattoo 11 of 25
    Game Over Neck Tattoo
    You could get a gaming tattoo anywhere, but right in the middle of your neck with the words "Game Over," that brings this to a whole 'nother level.
    Source: Bartonia's Blog
  • Sonic Takes Over the Leg 12 of 25
    Sonic Takes Over the Leg
    A stunning, giant tribute to Sonic that takes over this person's whole entire leg.
    Source: Girl on Geek Blog
  • Legned of Zelda Logo 13 of 25
    Legned of Zelda Logo
    The Zelda logo in all it's glory.
    Source: Deviant Art
  • 8-Bit Sonic 14 of 25
    8-Bit Sonic
    A very cool version of Sonic in all his blue glory.
    Source: Bartonia's Blog
  • Sonic Cast 15 of 25
    Sonic Cast
    Wow, yup, a whole Sonic chest piece.
    Source: 4 Stars Chicago
  • Sonic Arm 16 of 25
    Sonic Arm
    Another gigantic tribute to Sonic, this one took over this guy's whole arm.
    Source: Girl on Geek Blog
  • Pac Man Butt 17 of 25
    Pac Man Butt
    Yes, what you are seeing is a Pac Man screen tattooed on someone's butt.
    Source: Blog/TB59
  • Pac Man & the Ms. 18 of 25
    Pac Man & the Ms.
    This is actually pretty adorable.
    Source: Tumblr
  • Pac Man Ghosts 19 of 25
    Pac Man Ghosts
    It's not just Pac Man getting the love, the ghost do too.
    Source: Tumblr
  • Donkey Kong 20 of 25
    Donkey Kong
    Donkey Kong takes over this gamer's skin.
    Source: Tumblr
  • A Little of Everything 21 of 25
    A Little of Everything
    This video game fan pays tribute to a whole slew of gaming characters. At least they're well-rounded.
    Source: The Game Revolution
  • Mario Busting Out 22 of 25
    Mario Busting Out
    Mario making a jump for it.
    Source: Wayou
  • Legends of Zelda 23 of 25
    Legends of Zelda
    A gorgeous Zelda tattoo done like a stained glass window.
    Source: Morning Theft
  • Tetris 24 of 25
    And really, who doesn't love Tetris?
    Source: Siphon and Reservoir
  • Pac Man Back 25 of 25
    Pac Man Back
    An 8-bit homage to Pac Man.
    Source: Trend Hunter



Article Posted 4 years Ago

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