BFFs: 25 Kid-Friendly Disney Crafts for Best Friends!

School is almost out for us and this is the very first year that my daughter has an official “best friend!” My daughter is in kindergarten and was fascinated by the fact that her BFF also lived in the same city as her! Cute, I know. Last week, I heard all about the plans that they have for the summer. For her sake (and my own), I hope they get to see each other often during the summer break.

One project that they plan to do together on is a craft that I found on Spoonful and Disney Family.com.  As a matter of fact, I found a lot of fun, entertaining Disney crafts that will be perfect for best friends to make and share with each other.

  • Ready for the Kids to Get Their Craft On? 1 of 26

    Grab the bestie and check out 25 Disney craft as we honor National Best Friend Day!

  • Buzz Lightyear Book Badge 2 of 26

    Sure the kids just got out of school, but that doesn't mean they can't document their summer vacation activities with the super cool Buzz Lightyear Book Badge!  Sharing their adventures with best friends is what summer is all about!

    Learn how at Disney Family.com

  • Dalmatian Picture Frame 3 of 26

    Memorable moments with best friends are always great when documented in a picture.  This 101 Dalmatians inspired frame would be an adorable craft to help make while your child adds a colorful drawing for their BFF.

    Learn how at Spoonful



  • Fawn’s Butterflies 4 of 26

    These adorable easy-to-make Disney Fairies-inspired butterflies are great when having a best friend over for a playdate.

    Learn how at Spoonful

  • Hide & Go Shriek 5 of 26

    How cute!  These Monster's Inc. inspired pom-poms could keep your best friends entertained for a while!

    Learn how at Spoonful

  • Fairy Flower Rings 6 of 26

    Show off your child's friendships with these cute Tinker Bell and friends rings!

    Learn how at Spoonful!

  • Fake Snake – Sir Hiss 7 of 26

    Adventurous boys will enjoy making these Disney's Robin Hood inspired snakes!

    Learn how at Spoonful!

  • Flowers-and-Ice Fairy Friendship Bracelet 8 of 26

    Another Disney Fairies inspired craft! Share these pretty purple flower bracelets with your best friend!

    Learn how at Spoonful!

  • Goofy Pencil Caddy 9 of 26

    If your kid and their best friends are as goofy as they come, this is the perfect craft for them!

    Learn how at Spoonful!

  • Merida Celtic Heart Necklace 10 of 26

    Love!  You might want to help out with this craft.  I can already see my daughter and her best friend wearing these adorable necklaces.

    Learn how at Spoonful!

  • Muppet Hand Puppets 11 of 26

    Let the BFFx put on a show with these fun Muppet Hand Puppets!  So cute!

    Learn how at Spoonful!

  • Monsters, Inc. Employee Badge 12 of 26

    Let the BFFs show off their best scares with their official Monsters, Inc. Employee Badge!

    Learn how at Spoonful!

  • Oil Can Holders 13 of 26

    These Cars-inspired cans are super easy to make.  If your child and his best friend like to collect things, this is makes for great storage!

    Learn how at Disney Family.com

  • Ribbons and Roses Hair Ties 14 of 26

    Aren't these adorable?   I can't wait to buy the supplies and have my daughter make these Disney Princess inspired hair ribbons for her best friend!

    Learn how at Disney Family.com

  • Oogie Boogie Monster 15 of 26

    Boys will be boys!  This bright green Nightmare Before Christmas inspired felt monster is great for storing your child's toy insects, spiders, and the like. See! Perfect!

    Learn how at Spoonful!

  • Fairy Godmother Wand 16 of 26

    No princess is complete without their Disney magic wand! Simple and sweet, just like your daughter and her best friend.

    Learn how at Disney Family.com

  • Phineas and Ferb Bookmarks 17 of 26

    Don't let the summer reading program end without these two to keep track of your reading!

    Learn how at Spoonful!

  • Sugar Cone Race Kart 18 of 26

    Hurray for crafts we can eat!  If the kids don't eat this before it's actually finished, this is a wonderful Wreck It Ralph inspired  craft for best friends to do together!

    Learn how at Disney Family.com

  • Disney Printable – UP Adventure Book 19 of 26

    Another favorite of mine!  Adventure is out there and what better way to document, than with this awesome "My Adventure Book" from the movie "UP!"

    Learn how at Disney Family.com

  • Treasure Box 20 of 26

    Here's a box worthy of all the treasures best friends can own! The neat thing about this Aladdin inspired box is that the kids can decorate it anyway they want.

    Learn how at Disney Family.com

  • Handy Hamm Piggy Bank 21 of 26

    Hurray for saving money!  This is super easy to make. Best of all, the BFFs can save money together, in this Toy Story inspired craft, so they can have a special treat during the summer break!

    Learn how at Disney Family.com

  • Lotus Blossom Hair Comb 22 of 26

    Every little girl would love to walk around with the beautiful Mulan inspired  Lotus flower.

    Learn how at Disney Family.com

  • Pixie Hollow Games Leapfrogging Kit 23 of 26

    With this Pixie Hollow Game, challenge friends to your own leapfrogging race. Lots of fun!!!

    Learn how at Spoonful!

  • Minnie Mouse Flip-Flops 24 of 26

    If a trip to the beach or pool are in your plans, and your daughter's BFF is tagging along, how adorable would the look with matching flip-flops!

    Learn how at Disney Family.com

  • Star Wars Lightsaber Printable 25 of 26

    With a little practice and a lot of heart, anyone (even best friends) can perfect the technique necessary to defeat the dark side.  Oh YEAH!

    Learn how at Spoonful!

  • Mickey & Friends Mini Paper Airplanes 26 of 26

    I can see hours and hours with these paper airplanes!  Can you?

    Learn how at Spoonful!

June 8 is National Best Friend Day. Which of these crafts will you be trying out with your kids and their BFFs?

Photo Source: Spoonful and Disney Family.com

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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