25 Blunt Cards Give Voice to that Snarky, Maniacal Woman Trapped Inside Your Head

Blunt card
That moment when you wake up

There are things we think but we do not say. Thankfully there are now Blunt Cards to say it for us. Because it’s meaningful sh*t, but it’s not sh*t you can really say in polite society. And yet it still needs to get out somehow.

If you’re having one of those days, you’ll especially appreciate these Blunt Cards. If you’re not having one of those days, you’re probably lying.

Behold 25 Blunt Cards to let you know that it’s not just you. You are not alone — it sucks for all of us sometimes.


  • Esteem 1 of 25
    What? I thought I said that nicely.
  • Cookie Luke 2 of 25
    Cookie Luke
    And quit asking so many damn questions.
  • Bad mother 3 of 25
    Bad mother
    If he can read that, he can read the rest of the label, too. If not, that'll teach him.
  • Get to know them 4 of 25
    Get to know them
    You'll recognize them because they're the ones who look like you, and we're 80 percent sure they look like your husband, too.
  • Bent 5 of 25
    Don't think that doesn't take a lot out of you.
  • Shitty day 6 of 25
    Shitty day
    Got that?
  • Booze mom 7 of 25
    Booze mom
    Let's just keep this between us, dear.
  • GPS 8 of 25
    Where we're going, we don't need roads.
  • Horrible shit 9 of 25
    Horrible shit
  • Drunk happy 10 of 25
    Drunk happy
    What's the difference?
  • Hair tragedy 11 of 25
    Hair tragedy
  • Forgot 12 of 25
    Is it wine o'clock yet?
  • Wine gone 13 of 25
    Wine gone
    Now go get me another bottle.
  • Kill me 14 of 25
    Kill me
    No, really. Please. Kill me.
  • Bipolar 15 of 25
    You're welcome.
  • Tolerate you 16 of 25
    Tolerate you
    Or give her the strength to recognize it'll be time for her to leave in T-minus 10 minutes.
  • Damn bitch 17 of 25
    Damn bitch
    At least you recognize that.
  • Fan club 18 of 25
    Fan club
    Can I get an "amen"?
  • Exhausted 19 of 25
    It's really just very draining.
  • Blocked 20 of 25
    Yes, even you.
  • Door open 21 of 25
    Door open
    Like, now.
  • Let you go 22 of 25
    Let you go
    It's been nice talking to me.
  • Pretty dress 23 of 25
    Pretty dress
    Otherwise there's a wire hanger with your name on it.
  • TomKat 24 of 25
    Now that that's out of the way, can we go back to Jessica Simpson's postpartum weight loss?
  • Cubical 25 of 25
    At least you recognize that.

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