25 Darling Duos Dressed in Each Other’s Clothing

“Put yourself in my shoes.” I’ve heard those words fall from the mouths of countless men and women during a heated discussion with their spouse. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve uttered those words too — yesterday.

The thing is, try as we might it isn’t always easy to put yourself in the shoes of your significant other at least figuratively speaking. You can; however, do it literally. And while you’re at it why stop at the shoes?

“Switcheroo” is an ongoing “personal project, ongoing series” by Hana Pesut. The creativity behind this project is evident at first glance. The couples (friends, family members) featured in her photos wear their own clothes for the first photo and for the second they switch outfits with one another, and even go so far as to pose the same way as the other person. Not only are they now walking (posing) in the shoes of the other but they are wearing their accessories and clothing too.

The photos are darling, funny, and a testament to how over time sometimes we begin to mirror our loved ones in some ways. I also love the diversity present in the series with regards to both culture and age. Take a look at some of Hana’s photos below:

  • image-3412 1 of 26
  • “mariko & sam” 2 of 26
    "mariko & sam"
    An entire outfit swap, right down to the waist accentuating belt. They also seemingly swapped body language.
  • “colleen & les” 3 of 26
    "colleen & les"
    Denim, denim, and denim. Also major cuteness.
  • “leila & azim” 4 of 26
    "leila & azim"
    Love the jumpsuit and vest (on both of them!) so stylish!
  • “julian & Justine” 5 of 26
    "julian & Justine"
    Chic and serious.
  • “mila & Johnny” 6 of 26
    "mila & Johnny"
    A great view and a great dress.
  • “jodi & rob” 7 of 26
    "jodi & rob"
    Holding hands on the rooftop while in each other's clothes. No big deal.
  • “tomoko & kichu” 8 of 26
    "tomoko & kichu"
    I'm not sure if those are leggings or socks but they're awesome.
  • “jasmine & erik” 9 of 26
    "jasmine & erik"
    Look at that hair flowing in the breeze.
  • “janis & ken” 10 of 26
    "janis & ken"
    These two are proof that a clothing swap can be cute at any age!
  • “jeremy & carley” 11 of 26
    "jeremy & carley"
    How fun would it be to create this memory on your wedding day?
  • “gina & Claudio” 12 of 26
    "gina & Claudio"
    These two know how to work it for the camera.
  • “paul & maren” 13 of 26
    "paul & maren"
    Forget about that saying "If the shoe fits wear it." Make the shoe fit!
  • “brie & jesse” 14 of 26
    "brie & jesse"
    This photo screams spring and adorable and love.
  • “mandy & ben” 15 of 26
    "mandy & ben"
    Love the messy pony!
  • “benny & Lauren” 16 of 26
    "benny & Lauren"
    A great view, a classic jersey, and a poncho. These two are set!
  • “danny & eliza” 17 of 26
    "danny & eliza"
    Showing off those great legs in the desert sunshine.
  • “patrick & callan” 18 of 26
    "patrick & callan"
    I think these two found the switch quite funny.
  • “west & ainsley” 19 of 26
    "west & ainsley"
    A darling family photo despite their little one appearing to be a little caught off guard by the switch.
  • “amy & joe” 20 of 26
    "amy & joe"
    A dapper duo indeed.
  • “adam & sarah” 21 of 26
    "adam & sarah"
    These two brunets look super stylish in their shades.
  • “kate & ben” 22 of 26
    "kate & ben"
    Playground fun!
  • “vij & andy” 23 of 26
    "vij & andy"
    Another sweet pair.
  • “michelle & jesse” 24 of 26
    "michelle & jesse"
    Another cute family only this time with a furry baby in their arms.
  • “rosemary & liban” 25 of 26
    "rosemary & liban"
    Turbans are definitely a fashion do!
  • “nevin & mia” 26 of 26
    "nevin & mia"
    One of littlest of this "Switcheroo" round-up, this adorable pair sitting side by side on a swing set is too cute!

This is only a portion of the couples Hana has photographed. For more photos visit her website and her blog. There is major cuteness and creativity happening over there. Special thanks to Hana for allowing me to share her amazing work with you!

What do you think of the “Swicheroo” project? Would you love for your spouse to literally put them self in your shoes?

Photo Source: All photos by Hana Pesut


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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