24 Disneyfied Names for Furry Friends

Image Source: The Walt Disney Company
Image Source: The Walt Disney Company


Well, not right away.

But soon.

Like in the next year soon.

Until then, we’re trying to choose between a Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, and Labrador Retriever.

Or a Basset Hound and French Bulldog — if you ask the grandparents their vote.

Or a Newfoundland and an Airedale and a Boxer and a Wiemeraner, if you ask the internets. Plus Labradoodles. And Goldendoodles. Basically all the doodles.

While we ultimately don’t yet know what kind of breed we’ll be bringing home, all this new pet pow-wowing has sparked some really fun ideas for names.

And they’re all Disney ones.

1. Baloo

Makes you forget about your worries and your strife, doesn’t it?

2. Beast

The littlest dogs think they’re the toughest. This image comes to mind every single time I see one high-stepping down the street.

3. Belle

Consider it a synonym for “princess.”

4. Bolt

So cute it’s redonkulous.

5. Gus

Loyal yet not that bright. Makes me love him all the more.

6. Merryweather

My personal fave, this one is all twinkly fairy dust and pillowy soft cuddles.

7. Flynn

Thief, charming, epic hero — things cats think about themselves already.

8. Wall-E

Just try and look away from those eyes…

9. Tinker Bell

Feisty, stubborn, and she can fly! That cancels out the first two things, right?

10. Tod

You can’t go wrong borrowing from one of the most epic friendships in all of Disney history. (Don’t worry: Copper is on this list too!)

11. Copper

See, told you! More epicness.

12. Dug

He has just met you, and he loves you.

13. Bruno

Someone has to keep the cats away.

14. Chewie

Pretty sure he’s a Newfoundland.

15. Solo

Like Flynn, but vintage.

16. Captain..And Jack…And Maybe Sparrow

SO CUTE. Yes, yes, your critter too.

17. Walt

Because he wins at all the names.

18. Sully

Two words: Scary feet.

19. Pluto

Hey, if it’s good enough for the head mouse…

20. Maximus

One word: multitasker.

21. Mater

Two words: Free smells.

22. Ralph


23. Nana

The animal version of your mee-maw.

24. Kenai

This Inuit word means “black bear,” and it sounds all cool and stuff.



Article Posted 5 years Ago

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