25 Fantastic Feats of Food Art: Mom Makes Meals That Tell a Story (Photos)

I have tried my hand at creating mealtime magic for my daughter. I’ve strewn strawberries over plate and called it the Red Sea. I’ve arranged grapes to look like a bouquet of balloons. I’ve tried to do a self portraits out of waffles. But not one of my attempts at food art can get anywhere near the¬†aesthetic perfection that is the work of Samantha Lee.¬†

This mom of two creates the most stunning, creative and gorgeous works of food art for her girls and chonicles her masterpieces on her Instagram account leesamantha. Her photographs have apparently struck a cord and she has over 230,000 followers drooling over her work. Her mantra is, “I COOK. I SHOOT. KIDS EAT. I Make Food That Tells A Story.” And she does just that pulling from pop culture (her Snow White is adorable) to landmarks (the Eiffel tower one is tres chic). The coolest thing? She’s not a chef, or a trained artist, she’s just a mom with a vision. “I’m not a professional chef and I’ve never been to culinary school,” she says. “I’m just an ordinary, regular and average mom, crazy about making mess in the kitchen.”

Check out her stunning work right here:

  • Native American 1 of 25

    As part of her "go around the world" series, she paid tribute to the Native American.


  • Snow White 2 of 25

    An adorable, and delicious looking meal to honor Snow White! And no, the apple is not poisoned.


  • Monkey 3 of 25

    A rice monkey swings from a bean tree, so beautifully executed!

  • Princess Tiana 4 of 25

    Samantha takes on the Princess and the Frog! Adorable.

  • Little Red Riding Hood 5 of 25

    A fruity Little Red Riding Hood whistles on the plate.

  • My Neighbor Totoro 6 of 25

    A beautiful tribute to Hayao Miyazaki's My Neighbor Totoro.

  • Batman 7 of 25

    Batman gorgeously constructed using rice and seaweed.

  • Snoopy 8 of 25

    For summer, Samantha created this Snoppy camping in the great (and edible) outdoors.

  • San Francisco 9 of 25

    A tribute to my home town! Of course I personally love this one.

  • The Evil Queen 10 of 25

    The Evil Queen has never looked so delicious.

  • The Magician 11 of 25

    A magician pulls an apple and cream cheese bunny out of his hat!

  • Lady Gaga 12 of 25

    So much more edible than Lady Gaga's meat dress.

  • Edward Scissorhands 13 of 25

    A beautiful take on Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands.

  • Paris! 14 of 25

    Part of her international series, Samantha does a very chic ode to Paris.

  • The Addams Family 15 of 25

    I adore this one! Amazing portraits of the Addams Family made from rice and seaweed, so much detail!

  • Climbing Bear 16 of 25

    A bear climbs a chocolate mountain, and it's adorable.


  • Maleficent 17 of 25

    Maleficent may be evil, but this meal isn't! It's not sinister but rather very sensible.

  • Superman 18 of 25

    Superman seems to be flying off the plate!

  • The Little Mermaid 19 of 25

    A joyful Little Mermaid made of fab foods.

  • Minions 20 of 25

    In honor of Despicable Me, Samantha created this portrait of minions!

  • Moscow 21 of 25

    She said of this piece, "I'm visiting St.Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, Russia!" Part of her "go around the world series."

  • Olive Oyl 22 of 25

    A stunning portrait of Popeye's gal Olive Oyl.

  • Ninja 23 of 25

    A ninja has never looked so delicious!

  • Pirate 24 of 25

    A meal inspired by pirates!

  • The Artist at Work 25 of 25
    the artist

    A portrait of Samantha at work.

Photo Source: Samantha Lee

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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