25 Hilarious Wedding Cake Toppers

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My wedding cake was topped with a dapper looking groom and a lovely traditional bride. By all accounts it’s a lovely porcelain figurine that now sits on a bookshelf covered in dust.

If I had a wedding day do-over, I choose the same man, rethink the long sleeve gloves, lose the hideous fern from my bouquet (gah!), and top my wedding cake with one of these 25 absolutely hilarious wedding cake toppers.

Check out all the cake-topping hilarity after the jump and let us know your favorite in the comments below!

  • Cell in love 1 of 25
    Cell in love
    Perfect for those couples on a family plan.
    Available from Weddingstar, $24.98/ea.
  • High five 2 of 25
    High five
    We made it this far; high five!
    Available from Weddingstar, $24.98/ea.
  • Bride in charge 3 of 25
    Bride in charge
    Guess we know who wears the pants in this relationship.
    Available from Weddingstar, $24.98/ea.
  • I hate when that happens 4 of 25
    I hate when that happens
    It's a nice day for a zombie wedding.
    Contact Etsy seller Lynn's Little Creations for pricing and availability.
  • Not so fast 5 of 25
    Not so fast
    And where do you think you're going?.
    Available from Party City, $19.99
  • Kissing a frog 6 of 25
    Kissing a frog
    The bride kisses a frog in the hopes of a prince. If I was the groom I'd be pissed.
    Available from Weddingstar, $34.98
  • To have and to hold 7 of 25
    To have and to hold
    She's been working out.
    Available from Weddingstar, $39.98
  • Workaholic bride 8 of 25
    Workaholic bride
    Just one more email...
    Available from Etsy seller Anna Crafts, $200
  • Expecting bridal couple 9 of 25
    Expecting bridal couple
    Why not?
    Available from Amazon, $31.98
  • Ball and chain 10 of 25
    Ball and chain
    From the looks of these two, marriage is the beginning of the end.
    Available from Amazon, $14.37
  • Love match 11 of 25
    Love match
    Team, time out. Lemme go get married real quick. I'll be right back.
    Available from Weddingstar, $44.98
  • The frog prince 12 of 25
    The frog prince
    Aww, she kissed a frog and got a prince...with frog feet. Oh well, better than nothing.
    Available from Weddingstar, $24.98/ea.
  • Still shopping 13 of 25
    Still shopping
    Hold on to your credit cards!
    Available from Weddingstar, $24.98/ea.
  • Couch potato groom 14 of 25
    Couch potato groom
    Looks like he could use a beer.
    Available from A Light in the, $18.39
  • Dragging the groom 15 of 25
    Dragging the groom
    Nothing says "forever" like this cake topper.
    Available from A Light in the, $19.99
  • Hooked on love 16 of 25
    Hooked on love
    Of course she's into you and not that ginormous ring you're dangling in front of her.
    Available from Weddingstar, $24.98 - $29.98/ea.
  • Home run 17 of 25
    Home run
    This bride's ready to hit one out of the park!
    Available from Weddingstar, $24.98/ea.
  • A great catch 18 of 25
    A great catch
    When her friends told her there were plenty of fish in the sea, they were right.
    Available from Weddingstar, $24.98 - $29.98/ea.
  • Now I’ve gotcha 19 of 25
    Now I've gotcha
    So much for consenting adults.
    Available from Party City, $19.99
  • Lasso love 20 of 25
    Lasso love
    Tangled up in love.
    Available from Weddingstar, $24.98/ea.
  • Follow the signs 21 of 25
    Follow the signs
    Just in case you forgot why you were here.
    Available from Weddingstar, $24.98/ea.
  • Church on time 22 of 25
    Church on time
    At first glance I thought the bride was trying to run away but seeing as though the cake topper is titled "A Race to the Altar", it seems these crazy kids are in a hurry to get hitched. I call virgins.
    Available from Weddingstar, $39.98
  • Gettin’ frisky 23 of 25
    Gettin' frisky
    Everyone can appreciate a good butt pinch.
    Available from Weddingstar, $39.98
  • Soccer lovers 24 of 25
    Soccer lovers
    She's his biggest cheerleader. GOAL!
    Available from A Light in the, $19.99
  • Secret agents 25 of 25
    Secret agents
    Be your very own "Mr. & Mrs. Smith".
    Available from A Light in the, $18.39

Which wedding cake topper was your fave?


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