25 His N’ Her Outfits From the 1970’s

The 1970’s were a decade during which disco came alive, the Beatles announced they were breaking up, and 18-year-olds were given the right to vote. The first cell phone call was made, Disney World opened to the public, and people learned to say “May the force be with you” thanks to a movie called Star Wars.

During the 70’s the war in Vietnam continued while here in the United States the fight for equality among women and minorities also continued. Floppy disks made data storage convenient while at the same time pocket calculators made doing math easier.

People communicated on theĀ ARPANET (although not everyone had the ability to access it), chat rooms made their debut, and email was born! Astronauts continued to travel into space, while those back here on earth continued to become more fashion savvy. At least, that’s what I gather from the Christmas Catalogs, containing many fashion-related pages that made their way into the homes of many families.

Thanks to WishbookWeb and their scanning of countless old holiday catalogs (described as a “labor of love,” and started by two “catalog preservation enthusiasts”) decades later, we are able to take a peek at the past. Those of you who happen to have been disco enthusiasts, flower children, or mourned the Beatles breakup as it happened might be familiar with the threads of this era. For those who arrived on the scene years later this is your chance to get a glimpse into fashion history.

In the 1970’s “His N’ Hers” fashion was all the rage and matching your spouse wasn’t just done for an annual Christmas photo. These old catalog images may make you laugh, make you smile, or make you glad the 70’s are over. The images you see suggest that there was a time when being a twin wasn’t limited to actual siblings. Yes, husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends could be twins too.

So take a moment and take a look at some of the outfits coveted by teens and adults of the disco decade. And when you’re done let me know what you think!


  • Suits, Suede Hats, and Sport Shirts 1 of 25
    Suits, Suede Hats, and Sport Shirts
    Advertised as "His 'n' Hers" these "distinctive collection" styles result in a him and a her that look almost exactly the same.
  • Coordinating Loungewear 2 of 25
    Coordinating Loungewear
    Relaxing was made fashionable and just "for the two of you" thanks to coordinating loungewear.
  • Winter Knits 3 of 25
    Winter Knits
    Matching sweaters in a variety of colors, some of them "smart looking" while others were more casual.
  • image-2952 4 of 25
    There are ski boots and then there are the boots that you wear after you ski.
  • Vests and Turtlenecks 5 of 25
    Vests and Turtlenecks
    Designed for couples on the go, these vests and turtlenecks are "perfect match-ups that can also go it alone."
  • Stylish Coats 6 of 25
    Stylish Coats
    Matching coats meant to appeal to men and women of different cultural backgrounds and who also happened to be "on the go together."
  • Exotic Pajamas 7 of 25
    Exotic Pajamas
    Sleep in style by wearing karate styled pajamas with oriental inspired prints.
  • Robes for Two 8 of 25
    Robes for Two
    "Exactly right for the two of you," these soft and colorful robes were meant to provide year around comfort.
  • Fashion for Less 9 of 25
    Fashion for Less
    These turtlenecks were intended to let buyers cut costs without having to sacrifice style.
  • Holiday Plaid and Knit Nightshirts 10 of 25
    Holiday Plaid and Knit Nightshirts
    Long "authentic tartan-plaid robes" and "softly brushed" knit night shirts were worn by both ladies and gentlemen.
  • Long Gown or Mini-gown? 11 of 25
    Long Gown or Mini-gown?
    Women could pick between long gowns and sexy mini gowns that had "side slits that let the bikini panty peek out."
  • Styling in Suede 12 of 25
    Styling in Suede
    These western coats were the latest look for fall and "styled to look great on both of you!"
  • Snowmobile Suits 13 of 25
    Snowmobile Suits
    Space aged snowmobile suits were designed for winter fun. Pair them with matching suits available in "His N' Her" sizes.
  • Snowmobile Suit “Look-alikes” 14 of 25
    Snowmobile Suit "Look-alikes"
    Another version of the snowmobile suit.
  • “Bold, brawny and beautiful” Jacs 15 of 25
    "Bold, brawny and beautiful" Jacs
    Give "wind the cold shoulder" with matching wool blend jacs.
  • Sporty Styles 16 of 25
    Sporty Styles
    Insulted ski suits and wool sweaters intended to keep wearers stylish as they headed for the slopes
  • Rugby Striped Nightshirts 17 of 25
    Rugby Striped Nightshirts
    These rugby nightshirts came with a "full one year warranty" and allowed both the Mr. and Mrs. to show off a little leg.
  • Suede and Fringe 18 of 25
    Suede and Fringe
    Another style so "popular" they didn't limit it and instead, made it available to men and women.
  • Fleece Separates 19 of 25
    Fleece Separates
    Wear these separates while together. Stylish fleece warm-ups in a variety of colors.
  • The Union Suit 20 of 25
    The Union Suit
    Providing some "down-under" protection these union suits helped wearers stay warm and at $7.99 they were a steal!
  • Western Shirts 21 of 25
    Western Shirts
    "Full cut for easy action" these wrinkle resistant shirts even came with a pencil slot on the pocket.
  • Denim Overalls 22 of 25
    Denim Overalls
    Once upon a time adults wore overalls too. These particular ones came with flared bottoms and a hammer loop.
  • Pre-Washed Denim Outfits 23 of 25
    Pre-Washed Denim Outfits
    "Trim N' Tight" for the slim and stylish. There was even a "denim-look" belt that could be paired with these flared jeans.
  • Shawl Collar Sweaters 24 of 25
    Shawl Collar Sweaters
    Priced to "flatten inflation" these bulky sweats came in festive designs.
  • Leisure Outfits 25 of 25
    Leisure Outfits
    As noted, these leisure outfits were "especially designed for the U.S. Olympic Team." They seem perfect for the guy or gal who wanted to incorporate a little more leisure into their life.


If this matching trend comes back around are you willing to get with it? Can you dig it? Special thanks to Jason of WishbookWeb for sharing these awesome images of Christmas catalogs past!


Historical facts via Buzzle

Catalog images used with permission via WishbookWeb

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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