25 Incredible Photos from Seattle’s Day-Long Gay Marriage Celebration

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Love Wins.

On Sunday, December 9, Seattle celebrated the December 6th legalization of gay marriage in Washington State with a giant mass wedding and reception themed “Love Wins.” BuzzFeed’s Matt Stopera was there to document the occasion with photos. These are some of the most evocative from the hundred or so that he took. I couldn’t get through them without crying:

  • List 1 of 25
    ...of what to expect from the proceedings.
  • Bearded Love 2 of 25
    Bearded Love
    So cute!
  • Spouse A 3 of 25
    Spouse A
    and Spouse B.
  • Lots of couples… 4 of 25
    Lots of couples...
    had their kids with them. Aww.
  • Love Wins! 5 of 25
    Love Wins!
    Tote from the reception.
  • Stopera asked… 6 of 25
    Stopera asked...
    couples to write down how long they'd been together.
  • And then write… 7 of 25
    And then write...
    their favorite thing about each other.
  • 33 years! 8 of 25
    33 years!
    Can you believe it?
  • Aww… 9 of 25
    Ain't love grand?
  • But wait! 10 of 25
    But wait!
    These guys have been together for 42 years!
  • Such a nice couple. 11 of 25
    Such a nice couple.
    Handsome fellas!
  • 12 years 12 of 25
    12 years
    ...and still smiling.
  • Compassion 13 of 25
    ...and love for all.
  • Right down to the minute! 14 of 25
    Right down to the minute!
    Love their pink suits.
  • Sense of humor 15 of 25
    Sense of humor
    That'll help you get through a marriage!
  • 21 years 16 of 25
    21 years
    ...and counting...
  • But officially married… 17 of 25
    But officially married...
    today! With their son!
  • During the ceremony… 18 of 25
    During the ceremony...
    ...this couple looks so sweet.
  • And now we’re all crying! 19 of 25
    And now we're all crying!
    Always wear waterproof mascara to a wedding.
  • This is the best! 20 of 25
    This is the best!
    Oh God, choking on tears....
  • Several children… 21 of 25
    Several children...
    were passing out flowers outside City Hall to say congrats.
  • The guy on the left… 22 of 25
    The guy on the left...
    is an ex-cop! His co-worker was there to witness the ceremony. (The guy pointed to with an arrow,)
  • This couple… 23 of 25
    This couple...
    paraded their new baby around for all to see.
  • These ladies… 24 of 25
    These ladies...
    are looking gorgeous under the flood lights!
  • And now it’s time to party! 25 of 25
    And now it's time to party!
    Weehaw! Congrats everybody! Love wins!


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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