20 Most Awkward Valentine’s Day Cards Ever

awkward2Throughout my life, I have gotten Valentine’s Day cards in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. I have gotten Valentine’s Day cards from relatives, class mates, girls, boys, boyfriends, my husband, my daughter, and I do believe that I got one once from my dog (it informed me that I was “Paw-fect!”).  My reactions when receiving these paper pieces of affection have resulted in smiles, giggles and kisses. But I really don’t know what I would do if I received any one of these 23 occasionally odd, sometimes brutally honest, and very awkward Valentine’s Day cards.

Check them out here; which one would you least prefer to get this Valentine’s Day?

  • The Ex 1 of 20
    The Ex
    Artist Dozy created this card. It may be honest but would probably do more harm than good on Valentine's Day. At least they give kudos for trying.
    Photo Source: Dozy
  • Awkwardly Vague 2 of 20
    Awkwardly Vague
    "You're ok, I Guess," Short and to the point, but at least they're honest right?
    Photo Source: Etsy/Pocketsoffilm
    Available for $4.00
  • Are You Afraid to Love 3 of 20
    Are You Afraid to Love
    Imagine getting this Valentine's Day card. Yeah, that is all colors of awkward.
    Photo Source: Esty/JuliasCave
    Available here for $8.00
  • Dunce 4 of 20
    Love isn't only for smart people. But this one is only good if you like 'em dumb.
    Photo Source: eBay Was available for $4.75 here (it, of course, sold).
  • Skank 5 of 20
    I really, really, really, don't know what I would do if I received this card.
    Photo Source: Etsy/FunGirlCards
    Available for $3.50.
  • From Your Cat 6 of 20
    From Your Cat
    So, let's just say you got this card from your boyfriend or girlfriend. Would that just be an awkward acknowledgement that they think you're more into your pet then them?
    Photo Source: Etsy/Pressedufour Available for $5.00
  • Speaking of Cats 7 of 20
    Speaking of Cats
    If the last card implied it, this one means it. Perfect for the loved one who prefers their cat's company than yours.
    Source: Etsy/PFClab
    Available for $1.75 here.
  • Organs 8 of 20
    Not sure when this would come in handy, but perhaps your loved one needs a kidney along with that box of chocolate.
    Photo Source: Etsy/Spiffylittlethings
    Available for $4.80.
  • Swingers 9 of 20
    Swinger? Yes, that is the name for a set of Valentine's Day cards for kids. This is something that would so not fly now. "Swingers?" Really?
    Photo Source: eBay
    Available for $9.99 here.
  • Fat Babies 10 of 20
    Fat Babies
  • Facebook Stalker 11 of 20
    Facebook Stalker
    "I love you even you stalk me on Facebook," this one is for the person who comes to terms with an overzealous partner.
    Photo Source: Etsy/LesterIllustrations
    Available for $4.99 here.
  • Kayne Card 12 of 20
    Kayne Card
    Artist Beth Evans created this hilarious card that says "I like you more than Kanye likes Kanye." Well, at least you know where they stand...they really, really like you.
    Photo Source: Butthorn/Beth Evans
  • Games or Love? 13 of 20
    Games or Love?
    "Baby I would pause my game for you...," yes, that really means something to some people.
    Photo Source: Etsy/Katlix
    Available here for $6
  • Worst Valentine’s Day Card Ever 14 of 20
    Worst Valentine's Day Card Ever
    Seriously, how would you like getting this card on Valentine's Day? Yeah, that would suck.
    Photo Source: Valentine's Sh#t
  • Honesty 15 of 20
    Well, at least it's honest right?
    Photo Source: Etsy/USB Item is currently out of stock, guess it was a big seller!
  • I Love Your Guts 16 of 20
    I Love Your Guts
    This one is from someone who doesn't love you for your personality, doesn't love you for your looks, but rather loves you for your guts. It's a wee bit kinky don't you think?
    Photo Source: Etsy/witandwhistle
    Available for $4.00 here.
  • I Love You But… 17 of 20
    I Love You But...
    Day Dreamer/Night Owl created this card that no spouse would want to get, inspired by Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox .
    Photo Source: Day Dreamer- Night Owl
  • Big Buns 18 of 20
    Big Buns
    Okay. This was is more awesome than awkward, but it would probably raise an eyebrow when you get it!
    Photo Source: Etsy/DingBatPress Available for $5 here.
  • Games of Thrones 19 of 20
    Games of Thrones
    Let's say you aren't totally obsessed with Game of Thrones and you got these cards. Well, what would you do?!?
    Photo Source: Chris Bishop You can buy his art right here.
  • Just Saying Hi 20 of 20
    Just Saying Hi
    This card just screams awkward, but at least the giver is totally comfortable with their awkwardness!
    Photo Source: Etsy/EmilyMcDowellDraws
    Available here for $4.00

Photo Source: Etsy/ Avery


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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