25 Nontraditional Wedding Rings for the Modern Couple

Marriage is full of big decisions.

First, there’s the whole choosing someone special to spend your life with thing, only to be followed by months of wedding planning and the hunt for perfect wedding rings.

As the ultimate forever accessory, the best wedding rings are those that reflect a couple’s individual style.

We rounded up 25 of the most unique wedding rings for the modern couple; prepare to do a little window shopping after the jump!

  • The Vampress Engagement Ring 1 of 25
    Now here's a ring you can sink your teeth into! With your choice of gold colors and a half-carat stone, this ring might just be the perfect symbol of eternal devotion for a vampire lover.
    Love 'em? Get them from New York Bittersweets, $800
  • Dirt Bike Tire Rings 2 of 25
    Here we have wedding bands for the ultimate road enthusiast. With your choice of metals and tire styles, these rings symbolize your joint quest for adventure.
    Available from Brian Bergeron Designs, starting at $117
  • Kevlar wedding bands 3 of 25
    Go metal-free with these unique wedding bands made of kevlar, a strong synthetic fiber. These rings boast lightweight, scratch-resistant, and allergen-free properties.
    Available from Etsy's Nickelfree, $120
  • Wood wedding rings 4 of 25
    A departure from traditional metals, these wood wedding rings offer the beauty of nature for outdoorsy spirits.
    Love them? Get them from Etsy's Ebeniste, $70
  • Wrench wedding band 5 of 25
    This silver band includes a genuine .06ct medium-blue natural sapphire. No doubt this is a ring is for the man who loves his tools.
    Get it from Etsy's BandScapes, $145
  • Gold Duck Band wedding ring 6 of 25
    This 14K gold duck band style ring is both highly customizable and unique.
    Available from Etsy's Metal Pressions, $1,600
  • Meteorite wedding bands 7 of 25
    Is your love out of this world? Then you might just love these completely handcrafted rings because no two rings are alike.
    Love them? Get them from Etsy's Ply Effects, $199
  • Custom Fingerprint wedding bands 8 of 25
    Make your rings as totally unique as you are with these custom fingerprint sterling silver wedding bands.
    Contact Etsy seller fabuluster for more information
  • Rockabilly Claddagh Wedding Set 9 of 25
    Classic Claddagh meets rockabilly edge in this diamond and sterling silver wedding ring set.
    Available from Etsy's Rickson Jewellry, $575
  • Fit To Be Tied wedding bands 10 of 25
    Designed to offer the look of a promise ring made of string, these simple and unique wedding bands are as special as you are.
    Love them? Get them from Etsy's CommitMe, $180
  • Silver and gold modern wedding rings 11 of 25
    Cut from the same silver, these rings include 18k gold discs on both bands. The woman's band also includes a 3mm semi-precious stone.
    You like? Get them from Etsy's dani keith, $300
  • Personalized Rustic Bark ring 12 of 25
    Perhaps the perfect ring for nature lovers, this rustic ring's replicated real tree bark design showcases your initials, your lover's initials, or both of your initials.
    Gotta have it? Get it from Etsy's HappyGoLicky, $62
  • Tattoo wedding bands 13 of 25
    Tattoo wedding bands offer a bold and nontraditional statement of eternal love.
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Titanium wedding band set 14 of 25
    These handmade rings with a polished titanium anodized cobalt blue interior and a matte gray finished titanium exterior define modern.
    Contact Etsy seller hersteller for more information
  • Wide heart wedding bands 15 of 25
    You share a piece of each other's heart and now you can share that very same message on your wedding band. Made of hammered sterling silver, these rings tell the story of one love.
    Available from Etsy's Lichen and Lychee, $175
  • Sterling Silver Duck Band wedding ring 16 of 25
    This customizable duck band style ring in a hammered finish offers a unique alternative a man's traditional wedding band.
    Available from Etsy's Metal Pressions, $175
  • Carbon Fiber wedding bands 17 of 25
    These glossy black carbon fiber wedding rings are lightweight, scratch-resistant, and allergen-free.
    Gotta have 'em? Get them from Etsy's Nickelfree, $90
  • New Path square wedding rings 18 of 25
    The jagged carved line in these square rings are designed to symbolize the unexpected highs and lows of your new journey together.
    Available from Etsy's Nodeform weddings, $260
  • Nut and Bolt wedding rings 19 of 25
    According to the seller Kiley Granberg, "The inherent connotations are a huge part of the piece and, quite often, reveal themselves as a social or sexual comment."
    Available from Kiley Granberg Art Jeweler & Fine Artist
  • Wide handmade sterling silver ring 20 of 25
    This 13mm wide handcarved ring is intended to be as uniquely stylish as the man who wears it.
    Love it? Get it from Etsy's redcatrun, $95
  • Your Song wedding bands 21 of 25
    Get the actual notes of "your song" engraved on matching sterling silver rings; perfect for music lovers.
    You like? Get them from Etsy's Rickson Jewellry, $395
  • Not exchanging rings 22 of 25
    Many couples choose not to exchange rings as a symbol of their commitment and devotion to one another. While some nontraditionalists go the route of matching tattoos or piercings to commemorate their bond, others choose nothing at all.
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Silver copper spinner band 23 of 25
    This unique hammered silver band includes an oxidized hammered copper ring that spins around the outside of the ring.
    Love it? Get it from Etsy's SilverSmack, $62
  • Rustic personalized wedding bands 24 of 25
    These rustic sterling silver wedding rings share your personalized message of love.
    Available from Etsy's tinahdee, $140
  • Latitude and Longitude wedding band 25 of 25
    Personalize this 14K white gold ring with the coordinates of your wedding location, first date, or any other special location.
    Available from Etsy's Monkeys Always Look, $925


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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