25 Photos Of Babies With Puppies, Guaranteed To Melt Your Heart

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Nothing beats having a pup as a child.

There aren’t many more adorable things in life than newborn babies and puppies. Most of us regard our family pet as just that –family, and introducing our new baby to our pup can be one of the sweetest first memories (and photo ops!).

I was born and grew up into a family of pets and I’ve had a dog at every point in my life. My kids have done the same. So naturally, since one of my new and favorite ways places online is Pinterest (OK, so I may be mildly addicted), I’ve come across the cutest photos of babies and puppies.

Check out these adorable pics…. (and feel free to send us some of your own):


  • Here’s looking at you, kid 1 of 25
    Here's looking at you, kid
    Many dogs are extra gentle with "their" new babies.
    Image: Flickr/Suze
  • Gentle giant 2 of 25
    Gentle giant
    Nothing like a dog to keep you warm and cozy.
    Image: Sent to Ellen Show by Stephen M
  • Put your head on my shoulder 3 of 25
    Put your head on my shoulder
    Head to head competition....for cuteness.
    Image: Flickr/Matague
  • A kiss is just a kiss 4 of 25
    A kiss is just a kiss
    Love at first lick.
    Image: Flickr/Kelly Ryden
  • Too much affection 5 of 25
    Too much affection
    I get it, you love me, now please stop the licking!
    Image: Funatiq
  • Do you see what I see? 6 of 25
    Do you see what I see?
    I can just about see over the ledge...was that a rabbit?
    Image: Momtog
  • Headrest 7 of 25
    Why don't I get a carseat?
    Image: Sent to Ellen Show by Theresa M.
  • How it gets done 8 of 25
    How it gets done
    "Then you pour this in here, see?"
    Image: Momtog
  • Wait, turn this way 9 of 25
    Wait, turn this way
    Mommy needs a good shot.
    Image: Sent to Ellen Show by Tanya R.
  • And they call it puppy love 10 of 25
    And they call it puppy love
    Is there anything sweeter?
    Image: Funatiq
  • The gang’s all here 11 of 25
    The gang's all here
    Who's coming for a visit?
    Image: Sent to Ellen Show by viewer
  • Tastes like chicken 12 of 25
    Tastes like chicken
    That leftover applesauce sure does taste good.
    Image: Sent to Ellen Show by viewer
  • Nose to nose 13 of 25
    Nose to nose
    It's in his kiss, that's where it is.
    Image: Funatiq
  • We’ve got the whole bed to ourselves… 14 of 25
    We've got the whole bed to ourselves...
    and there is still enough room for mom and dad!
    Image: Momtog
  • My baby 15 of 25
    My baby
    And I'll protect him for life.
    Image: Funatiq
  • Sloppy love 16 of 25
    Sloppy love
    What was that and where did it come from?
    Image: Flickr/vans
  • Lessons 17 of 25
    Then you hold it like this.....
    Image: Sent to Ellen Show by viewer
  • Bookends 18 of 25
    Now that's what you call double duty.
    Image: Funatiq
  • Aww… 19 of 25
    It'll come off soon, don't worry. In the meantime, maybe if I climb in here with you, you'll feel better.
    Image: Flickr
  • Naptime! 20 of 25
    Who needs a pillow pet?
    Image: Flickr/Brandons
  • Sweet dreams 21 of 25
    Sweet dreams
    A delighted (yet cramped) pup.
    Image: Sent to Ellen Show by Jeannene S
  • You can be my chair 22 of 25
    You can be my chair
    OK, "Once upon a time....."
    Image: Sent to Ellen Show by viewer
  • Two? 23 of 25
    The more, the merrier!
    Image: Sent to Ellen Show by Shelly S.
  • Best toy ever 24 of 25
    Best toy ever
    Makes me giggle every time
    Image: Flickr/MaryG
  • Best friends…. 25 of 25
    Best friends....
    because sometimes your best friendship begins in childhood and is a furry pal for life.

Image: Pinterest


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