25 Photos of Beautiful Interracial Families: We Are the 15%

Michael David Murphy and Alyson West of Atlanta, GA couldn’t believe it when they saw the racist backlash online against the adorable (and now famous) Cheerios ad featuring an interracial family that was released last month, because the family in the ad looked so much like their own. They decided to start a project in response that would “provide a positive, public face for the changing nature of the American family.” That project is called We Are the 15 Percent, so named because of the rate of interracial marriages in America today, and it features a beautiful array of images submitted by interracial families from all over the country.

I contacted Murphy to ask if he felt like most people he meets accept his family without prejudice, and he told me, “Surprisingly, Atlanta is a racially-mixed melting pot, and we generally feel accepted. Our family isn’t a six-legged political statement (ten, if you count the dog) we’re just a family, and like being treated as such!”

Murphy says he’s been “overwhelmed by the passionate response from the community” about the project, and has “received so many great photographs, and incredible stories, especially from children who are happy to see their own families reflected.” A selection of those photographs is below. What struck me so deeply looking at each and every one of the families featured here is that the love they feel for one another seemed to be so clearly visible in these photos, as if somehow being a family that has had to fight everyday stigmas has brought them all closer to one another.

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To see even more amazing photos like these, visit We Are the 15 Percent.


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