25 President Tattoos from Obama to Romney to Washington! (Photos)

As an American we have the right to choose our president through the power of our vote. Many of us select a candidate that we admire, that we trust, that we believe in. But generally our¬†allegiance to a president is proven just through our words, our conversations and our vote. Others prove their admiration for our country’s leaders through a totally different format. There are some politically minded citizens who get a portrait of their favorite president¬†permanently tattooed on their skin, going far beyond just going into the voting booth.

Check out these 25 tattoos of presidents from tributes to Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and even a boom box holding Honest Abe. Which one is your favorite?


  • Obama Tattoo 1 of 25
    Obama Tattoo
    This woman wanted everyone to know who she voted for! She got a large tattoo of Obama on her arm.
    Photo Source: Tattoo Set
  • Theodore Roosevelt 2 of 25
    Theodore Roosevelt
    Who doesn't love Teddy Roosevelt? Apparently this person loves him more than most.
    Photo Source: Tattoo Set
  • John F Kennedy 3 of 25
    John F Kennedy
    This is a very classic, and hopeful, portrait of John F Kennedy.
    Photo Source: Tattoo Set
  • Abe Lincoln 4 of 25
    Abe Lincoln
    This ain't your regular old Abe Lincoln tribute tattoo, this one shows Honest Abe showing his swag with a great big boom box.
    Photo Source: Tattoo Set
  • George Washington 5 of 25
    George Washington
    A very large tattoo of the father of our country. Classic.
    Photo Source: Pin Struck Tat
  • Odd Abe 6 of 25
    Odd Abe
    Yes, this is an odd one, here someone got a deformed portrait of Abraham Lincoln. Yes they get to look at that every day.
    Photo Source: Art Junkies
  • Bill Clinton 7 of 25
    Bill Clinton
    This portrait totally captures Bill Clinton's demeanor.
    Photo Source: Rate My Ink
  • Jimmy Carter 8 of 25
    Jimmy Carter
    This tattoo of Jimmy Carter just happens to live on someone's butt cheek. Yes, true fact.
    Photo Source: Via Sundance Channel
  • Obama Smile 9 of 25
    Obama Smile
    This is a lovely portrait of a humble smile from Barack Obama.
    Photo Source: Tattoo Culture
  • George Bush 10 of 25
    George Bush
    A simple and serious George Bush portrait tattoo.
    Photo Source: Via
  • George Washington 11 of 25
    George Washington
    A beautifully executed tattoo of George Washington and symbols of America.
    Photo Source:
  • Romney Tattoo 12 of 25
    Romney Tattoo
    Eric Hartsburg asked for bids on eBay to get a Romney tattoo on his face. A anonymous Republican eBay user paid him $15,000 to get the permanent ink on his face!
    Photo Source: Facebook via ABC News
  • FDR 13 of 25
    A memorable image of FDR smoking his cigarette (with holder).
    Photo Source: Kim Punk Rock Blog
  • George Bush 14 of 25
    George Bush
    While the other George Bush tattoo was quite serious, this one was quite silly.
    Photo Source: My Space
  • Lincoln 15 of 25
    A serious Lincoln tattoo, looking gaunt and tired.
    Photo Source: Off the Map Tattoo
  • Lincoln Proud 16 of 25
    Lincoln Proud
    A very proud looking tattoo of Abe Lincoln.
    Photo Source: Off the Map Tattoo
  • Obama Hope Tattoo 17 of 25
    Obama Hope Tattoo
    A tribute tattoo to Obama from the last election.
    Photo Source: Via Village Voice
  • Polls Closed 18 of 25
    Polls Closed
    A beaming Barack Obama tattoo to celebrate Obama's 2008 win.
    Photo Source: Tattoo Set
  • Ronald Reagan 19 of 25
    Ronald Reagan
    An odd Ronald Reagan as eagle wrapped in a flag tattoo. Yes, very odd indeed.
    Photo Source: Soda Head
  • Richard Nixon 20 of 25
    Richard Nixon
    Who would get a Richard Nixon tattoo? Apparently someone did and here is the proof!
    Photo Source: Rate My Ink
  • Al Gore 21 of 25
    Al Gore
    Well, he never became president, but Al Gore came VERY close.
    Photo Source: Via Cafe Mom
  • Barack Obama Smiling 22 of 25
    Barack Obama Smiling
    Yet another Barack Obama tattoo!
    Photo Source: Exchange Gold for Cash
  • Teddy Roosevelt 23 of 25
    Teddy Roosevelt
    A smiling, vibrant and beautifully done tattoo of Theodore Roosevelt.
    Photo Source: Tattoo Set
  • Ulysses S Grant 24 of 25
    Ulysses S Grant
    A women showed her love for Ulysses S Grant with a large portrait of him on her back.
    Photo Source: F Yeah Tattoos
  • George Washington 25 of 25
    George Washington
    A colorful (and huge) tattoo honoring America and George Washington.
    Photo Source: Needles and Sins


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