25 President Tattoos from Obama to Romney to Washington! (Photos)

As an American we have the right to choose our president through the power of our vote. Many of us select a candidate that we admire, that we trust, that we believe in. But generally our allegiance to a president is proven just through our words, our conversations and our vote. Others prove their admiration for our country’s leaders through a totally different format. There are some politically minded citizens who get a portrait of their favorite president permanently tattooed on their skin, going far beyond just going into the voting booth.

Check out these 25 tattoos of presidents from tributes to Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and even a boom box holding Honest Abe. Which one is your favorite?


  • Obama Tattoo 1 of 25
    Obama Tattoo
    This woman wanted everyone to know who she voted for! She got a large tattoo of Obama on her arm.
    Photo Source: Tattoo Set
  • Theodore Roosevelt 2 of 25
    Theodore Roosevelt
    Who doesn't love Teddy Roosevelt? Apparently this person loves him more than most.
    Photo Source: Tattoo Set
  • John F Kennedy 3 of 25
    John F Kennedy
    This is a very classic, and hopeful, portrait of John F Kennedy.
    Photo Source: Tattoo Set
  • Abe Lincoln 4 of 25
    Abe Lincoln
    This ain't your regular old Abe Lincoln tribute tattoo, this one shows Honest Abe showing his swag with a great big boom box.
    Photo Source: Tattoo Set
  • George Washington 5 of 25
    George Washington
    A very large tattoo of the father of our country. Classic.
    Photo Source: Pin Struck Tat
  • Odd Abe 6 of 25
    Odd Abe
    Yes, this is an odd one, here someone got a deformed portrait of Abraham Lincoln. Yes they get to look at that every day.
    Photo Source: Art Junkies
  • Bill Clinton 7 of 25
    Bill Clinton
    This portrait totally captures Bill Clinton's demeanor.
    Photo Source: Rate My Ink
  • Jimmy Carter 8 of 25
    Jimmy Carter
    This tattoo of Jimmy Carter just happens to live on someone's butt cheek. Yes, true fact.
    Photo Source: Via Sundance Channel
  • Obama Smile 9 of 25
    Obama Smile
    This is a lovely portrait of a humble smile from Barack Obama.
    Photo Source: Tattoo Culture
  • George Bush 10 of 25
    George Bush
    A simple and serious George Bush portrait tattoo.
    Photo Source: Via
  • George Washington 11 of 25
    George Washington
    A beautifully executed tattoo of George Washington and symbols of America.
    Photo Source:
  • Romney Tattoo 12 of 25
    Romney Tattoo
    Eric Hartsburg asked for bids on eBay to get a Romney tattoo on his face. A anonymous Republican eBay user paid him $15,000 to get the permanent ink on his face!
    Photo Source: Facebook via ABC News
  • FDR 13 of 25
    A memorable image of FDR smoking his cigarette (with holder).
    Photo Source: Kim Punk Rock Blog
  • George Bush 14 of 25
    George Bush
    While the other George Bush tattoo was quite serious, this one was quite silly.
    Photo Source: My Space
  • Lincoln 15 of 25
    A serious Lincoln tattoo, looking gaunt and tired.
    Photo Source: Off the Map Tattoo
  • Lincoln Proud 16 of 25
    Lincoln Proud
    A very proud looking tattoo of Abe Lincoln.
    Photo Source: Off the Map Tattoo
  • Obama Hope Tattoo 17 of 25
    Obama Hope Tattoo
    A tribute tattoo to Obama from the last election.
    Photo Source: Via Village Voice
  • Polls Closed 18 of 25
    Polls Closed
    A beaming Barack Obama tattoo to celebrate Obama's 2008 win.
    Photo Source: Tattoo Set
  • Ronald Reagan 19 of 25
    Ronald Reagan
    An odd Ronald Reagan as eagle wrapped in a flag tattoo. Yes, very odd indeed.
    Photo Source: Soda Head
  • Richard Nixon 20 of 25
    Richard Nixon
    Who would get a Richard Nixon tattoo? Apparently someone did and here is the proof!
    Photo Source: Rate My Ink
  • Al Gore 21 of 25
    Al Gore
    Well, he never became president, but Al Gore came VERY close.
    Photo Source: Via Cafe Mom
  • Barack Obama Smiling 22 of 25
    Barack Obama Smiling
    Yet another Barack Obama tattoo!
    Photo Source: Exchange Gold for Cash
  • Teddy Roosevelt 23 of 25
    Teddy Roosevelt
    A smiling, vibrant and beautifully done tattoo of Theodore Roosevelt.
    Photo Source: Tattoo Set
  • Ulysses S Grant 24 of 25
    Ulysses S Grant
    A women showed her love for Ulysses S Grant with a large portrait of him on her back.
    Photo Source: F Yeah Tattoos
  • George Washington 25 of 25
    George Washington
    A colorful (and huge) tattoo honoring America and George Washington.
    Photo Source: Needles and Sins


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