25 Quirky Gift Ideas for a Grownup Easter Basket

Who says Easter baskets are only for the little ones? This year why not surprise the grownup love of your life with an Easter basket filled with tasty treats and quirky festive finds. Imagine their face as they spend Easter morning telling you how “You shouldn’t have?” With these gifts you are guaranteed to have some holiday laughs. While there is a possibility that you will be the only one laughing, chances are they will be able to appreciate your egg-cellent sense of humor and the effort you put forth. Want one too? Why not? There’s no reason you can’t make yourself an Easter basket too! That way you don’t have to sneak candy out of your kid’s baskets. From bunny poop to egg cozies I’ve perused Etsy to bring you 25 of their quirkiest gifts. Take a look:

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  • Felt Bunny Rabbit Couple 2 of 26
    You and your honey bunny are a close pair. People describe you as being "attached at the hip" and they're right. Available on Etsy for $33.17
  • Unfortunate Bunny Cookies 3 of 26
    You love your spouse but sometimes they are a pain. And when you are really annoyed and get a little feisty they say ridiculous things like "you don't have to bite my head off." Instead of biting their head off bite a bunny cookie. But, for the love of bunnies make sure it's a cookie. Available on Etsy for $24.20
  • Ingrid Michelson 4 of 26
    Thought you'd never ask! I totally want to chill out in the grass and eat carrots with you. Like bunnies. Available on Etsy for $7.00
  • Easter Bunny Carrot Art 5 of 26
    Your love is new. You're two "spring chickens" who like to have a little fun. Whilst dressed up as a bunny and a carrot of course. Available on Etsy for $16.00
  • Bunny Ring 6 of 26
    He liked it so he put a ring on it but now you want a bunny one. Available on Etsy for $9.26
  • Bunny Poop Chapstick 7 of 26
    Kissing your love with your bunny poop moisturized lips...now that 's the way to add a little fun to an otherwise very crappy day. Available on Etsy for $3.50
  • Bunny Flask 8 of 26
    No you can't handle another Easter egg hunt. Available on Etsy for $25.00
  • Belly Button Duster 9 of 26
    How cute a fluffy bunny tail! Oh wait, that's not a tail. It's a duster for belly buttons and available in a variety of Easter colors. Here's to doing a little spring cleaning! Available on Etsy for $2.00
  • Easter Bunny Slippers Bookmarks 10 of 26
    His and Hers bookmarks bunny slipper edition. Available on Etsy for $48
  • French Post Card 11 of 26
    Say "oui" to love. Frame this postcard as a reminder of how egg-citing it can be. Available on Etsy for $3.95
  • Egg Cup and Shell Holders 12 of 26
    Turns out love is all it's cracked up to be. Hooray for a life of love and breakfast with a "good egg." Available on Etsy for $6.00
  • image-3085 13 of 26
    You married your best friend who happens to be the — stuff. Show them you care with a poop plush set. Available on Etsy for $12.00
  • Deviled Eggs Soap 14 of 26
    He's a handsome devil. Why not give him some deviled egg soaps? Available on Etsy for $6.00
  • “Red Rabbit the Strange” 15 of 26
    Because looks aren't everything. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder bunny holder. Available on Etsy for $55
  • Duck Nose Warmer 16 of 26
    Keep noses cozy and festive with duck bill warmers! Available on Etsy for $10.34
  • Bunny Air Plant 17 of 26
    Sometimes bunnies live in gardens and sometimes bunnies are the gardens. Available on Etsy for $14.95
  • Egg cozies 18 of 26
    You've got your love to keep you warm but what's keeping your eggs warm? These crazy cozies will do the trick. Available on Etsy $22.88
  • Super Hero Bunny 19 of 26
    This is what happens when someone's spouse leaves their socks lying around. They turn into bunnies. Super hero ones. Available on Etsy for $68.00
  • Easter Bunny Bottle Stopper 20 of 26
    Use this quirky cork to seal up your Easter bubbly! Available on Etsy for $30.00
  • Pooping Bunnies 21 of 26
    As you can see bunnies and their poop are a big deal this time of year. Fill these bunnies with jellybeans and squeeze them so they poop! Available on Etsy $15.00
  • Bunny Couple Key Chain 22 of 26
    A cute bunny key chain for a special "some bunny." Available on Etsy for $25.00
  • Bunny Brooch 23 of 26
    A bunny brooch to dress up any outfit. Available on Etsy for $16.09
  • Needle Felted Eggs 24 of 26
    There are candy eggs, hardboiled eggs, and then there are monster "Needle Felted Easter Eggs." What grownup wouldn't want a basket full of these?! Available on Etsy for $12.00
  • Custom Sock Monkey and Bunny Wedding Cake Topper 25 of 26
    You're getting married to your exact opposite! On Easter! That's bananas (his favorite)! Available on Etsy for $110
  • Crazy Lady Pin 26 of 26
    You're crazy. You know it. Your spouse knows it. So, why not let everyone else know it by wearing this Easter "crazy lady pin?" Available on Etsy for $5.00

What are your thoughts on grownup Easter baskets? Would you love to be the recipient of one?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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