25 Quirky Valentines Day Gifts

25 Quirky Valentines Day Gifts Collage“My funny valentine
Sweet comic valentine
You make me smile with my heart” ~ Frank Sinatra

Perhaps Frank (although not the song’s originator) was onto something when he decided that a song about a funny valentine was worth singing. Many of us love laughter so much that when describing the list of qualities we want in the person we decide to settle down with, a good “sense of humor” almost always makes the list. Most of us realize that sometimes in life it feels like the joke is on you. This is why having someone that you actually can laugh and joke with can make the journey a lot sweeter and a little comedic too.

This round-up is filled with Etsy finds that might tickle your funny bone or the funny bone of someone you love. Surprise your own “funny valentine” with a gift that will make them laugh. And unlike roses these gifts won’t wither. With the exception of the chocolates, they can be enjoyed perhaps for years to come. And actually if you eat enough of it, the chocolate will stick around too in the form of “extra pounds” nonetheless.

Take a look at 25 quirky gifts for your “Funny Valentine!”

  • Red Hot Lovers Upcycled Altered Doll Assemblage 1 of 25
    These two "lovebirds" have been "immortalized in resin." Much like your love they are expected to last "forever." Available on Etsy for $60.00
  • I Like Your (NOUN) Mad Mini Embroidery Hoop Art 2 of 25
    Because personality and character aren't everything. Besides doesn't everybody just want somebody to like their (NOUN). Available on Etsy for $25.00
  • Never LEGO of My Heart, His and Hers Lego Necklace 3 of 25
    Because once you find someone who is deserving of your heart, you don't ever want them to let it go. Ever. Available on Etsy for $15.00
  • Dual Gloves for Him and Her 4 of 25
    Hands are for holding and technically, it is still winter. Available on Etsy for $29.99
  • Custom Bacon Person 5 of 25
    Turn your love into the only thing that you could possibly love more than them. Bacon. Available on Etsy for $20.00
  • A Christmas Story Print 6 of 25
    Christmas is over but my love is still going strong. So strong, in fact, that I'm "stuck on you." Available on Etsy for $20.00
  • Bigfoot Magnet Set 7 of 25
    For someone who happens to be (kind of) a BIG deal. Available on Etsy for $19.00
  • I Love You and Your Wrinkles Waterproof Shower Art 8 of 25
    For those of you still looking for a noun wrinkles works. Also, this gift is waterproof. Available on Etsy for $28.00
  • Star Wars Inspired His and Hers Cup Cozies 9 of 25
    Your spouse knows you love them. So skip all the mushy dialogue and get cozy. And while you're at it, make sure your drinks are cozy too. Available on Etsy for $30.00
  • Dessert Plate 10 of 25
    You know what comes after a romantic dinner right? Dessert! Available on Etsy for $22.48
  • His and Hers Underwear Aprons 11 of 25
    The 70's are over but who says His n' Hers fashion has to be? Available on Etsy for $24.99
  • ‘Corazon Chorreante’ Character 12 of 25
    Much like monsters, love can be scary sometimes. But hey, you're willing to give it a try. Available on Etsy for $30.00
  • Disney Anniversary Soul Mate His and Her T-shirts 13 of 25
    For you and your "soul mate," who may or may not be from the magical kingdom. Available on Etsy for $70.00
  • Glitter Trinket Boxes Set 14 of 25
    Place these by your bedside to hold your tiniest of treasures or one (really) tiny treasure. Available on Etsy for $6.00
  • Secret Love Leather Rings 15 of 25
    The fact that you two will be wearing matching rings suggests that your love is no secret. But whatever is on the inside of your rings will be. Available on Etsy for $24.50
  • Love Token 16 of 25
    Good for that "one thing" you really wanted. I mean, seriously, who doesn't want the house cleaned spotless while out getting a mani and pedi? Available on Etsy for $7.95
  • Vintage Danish Mid-Century Modern Teak Couple 17 of 25
    You aren't really into hearts and flowers but you like teak and you love each other and weird stuff. Available on Etsy for $42.00
  • Hiss and Hearse Button/Magnet Set 18 of 25
    A one of a kind gothic button set for those who are in it for the long haul. Available on Etsy for $5.00
  • Cory Crown Coffee Decanters 19 of 25
    You need caffeine and each other. Available on Etsy for $26.00
  • Be My Valentine Chocolates 20 of 25
    Don't waste your time whispering sweet nothings. Feed each other sweet nothings made out of chocolate instead! Sweet somethings I suppose. Available on Etsy for $24.99
  • Cats in Love Espresso Cups 21 of 25
    Not every "crazy cat lady" ends up alone. Nope. There's someone for everyone. Your crazy cat fellow is out there. Possibly at the Pet Store. Available on Etsy for $24.58
  • Custom Finger Puppet 22 of 25
    Is your romance a long distance one? Forget telling them "I am with you in spirit" and be with them in puppet form instead! Get a custom puppet made to look just like you! Available on Etsy for $16.00
  • Sponge Set 23 of 25
    Soak up all Valentine's Day has in store for you. Available on Etsy for $25.00
  • Owl Valentine Pillow 24 of 25
    Who Who's your Valentine? The recipient of one of these owl pillows of course. Available on Etsy for $32.00
  • Anthropomorphic Sweethearts Winking Cup Set 25 of 25
    It was love at first wink. Available on Etsy for $26.95

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Would you be happy to receive a quirky gift for Valentine’s Day or are traditional gifts more your thing?

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