25 Ridiculously Cute Photos of Dogs in Christmas Sweaters

Rudolph the Red Nosed Pug

You know what you need? You need a break, a break from all those last minute errands, holiday dinner menu adjustments and socializing with friends and family who you haven’t seen in ages. Instead sit right now, grab your kid/s and check this out. A much needed injection of Christmas cuteness.

For your family’s enjoyment, here are 25 ridiculously cute photos of dogs wearing a variety of Christmas sweaters. The best thing? If you happen to have a dog, almost ALL of them are available for purchase, so if you want to dress up your own pup in some holiday cheer, well you can totally pick one up for next year.

Yes, you’re welcome.


  • Teddy and TJ 1 of 25
    Teddy and TJ
    Okay, this is like the cutest photo like ever.
    Photo Source: Teddy n TJ Rule the World via Flickr
  • Boston Terrier Looks Terrified 2 of 25
    Boston Terrier Looks Terrified
    This pup is in the land of Christmas with his Christmas Sweater.
    Photo Source: Etsy
  • Buttons 3 of 25
    We'll just name him Buttons - in honor of his side button sweater.
    Photo Source: Etsy
  • Holiday Hound 4 of 25
    Holiday Hound
    This hound looks totally comfortable in his red and green holiday gear.
    Photo Source: Etsy
  • The Self Portrait 5 of 25
    The Self Portrait
    This dog is wearing, yes, a dog. We're hoping it's a self portrait.
    Photo Source: Etsy
  • Going Bow Wow with Her Bow Bow 6 of 25
    Going Bow Wow with Her Bow Bow
    There is something cute and retro about this one.
    Photo Source Etsy
  • Scruffy 7 of 25
    There is something so lovingly scruffy about this photo.
    Photo Source: Esty
  • Crocheted Critter 8 of 25
    Crocheted Critter
    This is pretty darn cute.
    Photo Source: Etsy
  • The Green and Red Pup 9 of 25
    The Green and Red Pup
    He's dressed up like a Christmas tree.
    Photo Source: Etsy
  • Yeah, He Knows He’s Cute. 10 of 25
    Yeah, He Knows He's Cute.
    Love this doggie super model look.
    Photo Source: Etsy
  • Let a Sleeping Dog Lie 11 of 25
    Let a Sleeping Dog Lie
    Yeah, this doggie is so cute that you would not want to disturb him.
    Photo Source: Etsy
  • The Puppy Shrug 12 of 25
    The Puppy Shrug
    Yes, this is a puppy Christmas shrug...awesome.
    Photo Source: Etsy
  • The Candy Cane Doggie 13 of 25
    The Candy Cane Doggie
    A doggie wraped up in candy cane love.
    Photo Source: Etsy
  • Snowflakes 14 of 25
    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, or at least winter.
    Photo Source: Etsy
  • Snowflakes Part 2 15 of 25
    Snowflakes Part 2
    Here is another snowflake encrusted doggie.
    Photo Source: Flickr
  • Snowflakes Part 3 16 of 25
    Snowflakes Part 3
    Yeah, this pug looks like a professional poser.
    Photo Source:
  • Traditional Sweater 17 of 25
    Traditional Sweater
    This pup has an old school sweater. Sweet. Photo Source: Etsy
  • Santa Dog 18 of 25
    Santa Dog
    Santa or one of Santa's helper.
    Photo Source: Etsy
  • Winter Plaid 19 of 25
    Winter Plaid
    Photo Source: Etsy
  • Snowy 20 of 25
    This dog is ready for winter, or at least his sweater is.
    Photo Source: Amazon
  • Feeling Squirrely 21 of 25
    Feeling Squirrely
    Nothing says Christmas more than a squirrel on a sweater.
    Photo Source: Etsy
  • The Pom Pom Pomeranian 22 of 25
    The Pom Pom Pomeranian
    She puts the pom in Pomeranian, Photo Source: Etsy
  • Santa’s Little Helper 23 of 25
    Santa's Little Helper
    Photo Source: Etsy
  • He loves trees. 24 of 25
    He loves trees.
    Yes, dogs love trees, but not usually for wearing...unless it's Christmas time.
    Photo Source: Amazon
  • Santa Baby 25 of 25
    Santa Baby
    If you were going to pick a Santa type dog,one with long white hair like this one would totally fit the bill.
    Photo Source: Etsy

Top Photo Source: Etsy

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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