25 Smartest Dolls Ever — From Socrates To Beverly Clearly (Photos)

We were recently at Target and my daughter ran towards a Monsters High doll and begged and pleaded for me to buy the scantily clad plastic doll. Sure, the dolls are kinda cute for being quirky and spooky, but the hooker-ish clothing choices they make and the vacant stares plastered on their faces give me pause. They may be in “high school,” but they really don’t look like the scholarly sort. There are other choices in the toy aisle like Barbie, Bratz and Winx. Again, none giving the kinds a brainy, intellectual, inspiring vibe I would rather have my daughter embrace. But it turns out there is hope: several companies. large and small. have created dolls that pay tribute to brains rather then beauty, smarts rather than style, and can be an inspiration for kids of any age. Check out our collection of the 25 smartest dolls:

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  • The Florence Nightingale Doll 2 of 25

    The Florence Nightingale Doll by Little Thinker, complete with a little lamp.

    Photo Source: (available for $18.95 here)

  • Louis Pasteur Doll 3 of 25

    Nothing says playtime more than a quality time with your own ode to the French chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur. This doll is by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild and is oh so awesome.

    Photo Source: (buy here for $18.95)

  • The Friedrich Nietzsche Doll 4 of 25

    Friedrich Nietzsche once said, "the irrationality of a thing is no argument against its existence," so this doll totally makes sense. Perfect for that little existentialist in the house.

    Photo Source: Amazon - Available for $18.95.

  • The Eleanor Roosevelt Doll 5 of 25

    Doesn't every little girl dream of her very own Eleanor Roosevelt doll? If not, it should be.

    Photo Source: Amazon available for $18.95 here.

  • The Virginia Woolf Doll 6 of 25

    The kids may not be ready for Mrs Dalloway, To the Lighthouse, Orlando or A Room of One's Own. But they needn't be afraid of this Virginia Woolf.

    Photo Source: Amazon  - available for $18.95 here.

  • The Edgar Allan Poe Doll 7 of 25

    Do the child who is a little bit goth or just into classic American literature, there is the Edgar Allen Poe doll, complete with a raven.

    Photo Source: Amazon - available for $17.95 here.

  • The Oscar Wilde Doll 8 of 25

    For your budding playwright, nothing would be better than their own Oscar Wilde doll. And yes, he has quite the dandy outfit on doesn't he?

    Photo Source: Amazon available here for $18.95

  • Galileo 9 of 25

    This Little Thinker doll Galileo is perfect for the kid who rather explore physics and astronomy then the world of G.I. Joe or Barbie. And he comes with his own plush telescope.

    Photo Source: Amazon available for $18.95 here.

  • The Albert Einstein Doll 10 of 25

    Who wouldn't want to cuddle with this Albert Einstein plush doll. Adorable.

    Photo Source: Amazon - available here for $14.

  • The Gandhi Doll 11 of 25

    This is a doll that will NOT be involved in playroom fights with other toys (so back off G.I. Joe!). This doll is all about passive resistance. A calming doll for sure.

    Photo Source: Amazon - Available for $18.99.

  • The Emily Dickinson Doll 12 of 25

    Etsy seller Late Greats created this plush ode to Emily Dickinson, a perfect inspiration for your budding poets.

    Photo Source: Etsy - Available for $34 here.

  • The Susan B Anthony Doll 13 of 25

    She doesn't just exist on a dollar, this Susan B Anthony doll is a far better role model then that Bratz doll.

    Photo Source: Etsy Available from Late Great here for $34.

  • The Harriet Tubman Doll 14 of 25

    Imagine all the hours of playing Underground Railroad with Harriet Tubman doll, never a dull moment!

    Photo Source: Etsy - Available here for $34.

  • The Nikola Tesla Doll 15 of 25

    What kid would not want their very own Nikola Tesla doll? Seriously, he's awesome! Think of inventing fun.

    Photo Source: Etsy  - Available here for $34.

  • The Frederick Douglass Doll 16 of 25

    Inspire young minds with this Frederick Douglass doll, just think of the thinking that could be done along side with the playing.

    Photo Source: Etsy/UneekDollDesigns Available here for $41


  • The J. R. R. Tolkien Doll 17 of 25

    For those hardcore Hobbit fans there is the J. R. R. Tolkien doll, of course there would be a J. R. R. Tolkien doll.

    Photo Source: Etsy/ UneekDollDesigns Available for $44.

  • The Madeleine L’Engle Doll 18 of 25

    A Wrinkle in Time is a must read, and the Madeleine L'Engle doll pays tribute to the author in a sweet and thoughtful way.

    Photo Source: Etsy/ UneekDollDesigns Available for $41.

  • The Maurice Sendak Doll 19 of 25

    They've read the books, they've played as Wild Things, and now it's their opportunity to play author with this Maurice Sendak doll!

    Photo Source: Etsy/UneekDollDesigns Available here for $41.

  • The Amelia Earhart Doll 20 of 25

    American Girl Doll made this tiny doll for their character Kit, Amelia Earhart is Kit's idol. Pretty cute I must say.

    Photo Source: Amazon - Available for $48.

  • The Joan of Arc Doll 21 of 25

    For the girl who would rather be fierce than frilly, there is the Joan of Art doll.

    Photo Source: Etsy/ UneekDollDesigns Available for $42.

  • The Madame Curie Doll 22 of 25

    Nothing brings my daughter more joy then mixing things together and playing scientist. That's why a Madame Curie doll would be oh so perfect for her, far more inspirational than a Monster High doll.

    Photo Source: Etsy/UneekDollDesigns Available for $41.

  • The Margaret Thatcher Doll 23 of 25

    To be timely, you could pick up this Margaret Thatcher doll to honor the former British Prime Minister who passed away this month.

    Photo Source: Etsy/UneekDollDesigns - Available for $42.

  • The Beverly Cleary Doll 24 of 25

    Yes, this is a Beverly Cleary doll. And yes, it is awesome.

    Photo Source: Etsy/UneekDollDesigns Available for $41 here.

  • Socrates 25 of 25

    It's playtime with Socrates! Plus I kind love how this Socrates doll kinda looks like a Muppet.

    Photo Source: Amazon - Available for $18.95.

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