25 Stunning Documentary Style Wedding Photos

As a lover of words one of my most favorite things about them is the fact that we can use them to tell our stories. We form words together resulting in a window that provides readers a glimpse into our lives or some insight as to who we are. Our stories are sometimes told for entertainment purposes but some of the best ones are those that convey emotion and leave the reader inspired or touched in some way.

Photos also harness a similar power to that found in words. An image can move us to feel various emotions ranging from excitement and joy to sadness. But what photos also do is present us with an opportunity to form our own stories or quickly revisit a chapter from our own life story.

The photos taken by Steven Carter Hewson do just that. They tell a story. The photos, taken in a documentary style, are stunning and unlike anything I have seen. The ones featured here today are from various weddings that he has photographed. Unlike the posed planned photos we often see in wedding photography these images are captured moments. Each image contains numerous emotions in the form of tiny pixels coming together to create one beautiful photo. Not being familiar with this particular type of photography I asked Steven to share some words and he graciously did. Here’s what he had to share:

“One of the driving forces behind my documentary wedding photography is my desire to tell stories. Real stories. For me, a wedding is all about two people in love committing to spending their lives together. It’s the joining of two families and the celebration of this love.

My approach to wedding photography is that of a journalist, using pictures to tell a narrative. As well as capturing all the important moments of the day (walking down the aisle, the first kiss and the first dance) I’m always looking for little moments and gestures. The look here, the touch there. The moments between the moments so to speak. All the joy, tears, love and laughter of the day.

My style is discreet and unobtrusive. I’m extremely hands-off, preferring to immerse myself in the celebrations and blend in with the guests rather than be the bossy photographer telling people where to stand and when to smile. This documentary approach allows me capture the true fabric of the wedding day and hopefully deliver evocative pictures that will transport the couple right back to their wedding day, even in many years to come.

You can see more of my documentary wedding photography at

Take a look at these 25 stunning documentary style wedding photos, all beautifully capturing “moments between the moment”:

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  • The Dress 2 of 26
    wedding photos

    The bride and a special person before she puts on her dress. For those who have gotten married do you remember what was running through your mind right before you put on your dress?

  • Headed for the Altar 3 of 26
    wedding photos

    A bride, perhaps on her way inside to the altar to exchange vows with the love of her life.

  • The Ceremony 4 of 26
    wedding photos

    A beautiful view of the ceremony taking place as everyone watches.

  • Intently Listening 5 of 26
    wedding photos

    A bride looks into the eyes of her groom as they recite their vows.

  • Joy 6 of 26
    wedding photos

    This is what joy looks like if you capture it in the form of a photograph.

  • The Guests 7 of 26
    wedding photos

    Wedding guests, perhaps distracted by an adorable guest.

  • Watch Your Step! 8 of 26
    wedding photos

    The groom is all smiles while his bride seems focused on watching her step…especially sweet are the faces of the onlookers, seemingly as happy as the groom.

  • Side Mirror View 9 of 26
    wedding photos

    A unique view of the bride while seated inside a car.

  • A Moment of Laughter 10 of 26
    wedding photos

    The bride and groom happily engage in belly laughs along with loved ones.

  • Moved to Tears 11 of 26
    wedding photos

    Sometimes someone will say or do something and as a result, tears will fall.

  • The Bouquet Toss 12 of 26
    wedding photos

    The bride seems just as excited about tossing the bouquet as the wedding guests (most of them) seem about catching it.

  • Little Attendees 13 of 26

    The tiniest guests and/or wedding party members speak to the fact that the simplest things can bring you joy. Yes, even bubbles can bring one joy.

  • Dancing 14 of 26
    wedding photos

    Getting down on the dance floor!

  • Fireworks 15 of 26
    wedding photos

    A beautiful firework show to end the night.

  • Solo 16 of 26

    A little one exploring the vicinity while at the reception.

  • Reflection 17 of 26
    wedding photos

    A car window shows a bride and the reflection of wedding party members as they look on.

  • Taking Turns 18 of 26
    wedding photos

    Happily keeping children entertained. Happily being entertained.

  • Kisses 19 of 26
    wedding photos

    A sweet kiss between a daughter and her dad.

  • Father and the Bride 20 of 26
    wedding photos

    The bride and her father headed down the aisle so that he might give her away.

  • More Tears 21 of 26
    wedding photos

    Again, a beautiful bride, moved to tears.

  • The Spotlight 22 of 26
    wedding photo

    All eyes on the bride and groom.

  • Silhouettes 23 of 26
    wedding photos

    Silhouettes dancing across the dance floor.

  • Seeing Them Off 24 of 26
    wedding photos

    The bridal party seeing the bride and groom off.

  • Bubbles 25 of 26
    wedding photos

    A wedding guest blows bubbles into the aisle.

  • The Life of the Party 26 of 26
    wedding photos

    Wedding guests join the bride and groom for a conga line.

Special thanks to Steven for allowing me to feature his beautiful work! What do you think of this approach to wedding photography?

Photo Source: Steven Carter Hewson

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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