25 "Suburban Mom" Memes – Awful or Awesome?

Hanging my head. Guilty. Just not in a Volvo.

I’m going to be honest. When I first clicked over to the site, it was because a colleague of mine had told me about something called “Forever Resentful Mother” and I wanted to see what it was all about. These memes are both funny and painful at the same time (you can read some really great commentary on them right here).

It was then that I stumbled onto another meme from the same site called “Sheltering Suburban Mom”.  Its sort of an apt description of myself, so I looked at them. Hundreds of them. I laughed at some and flinched at others.

Then I realized that they were all user-generated – mostly by suburban teens. And that fact gave me a little stomach ache. This is what they think of us? This is what teenagers really think of us, those ungrateful little bastards?

Then I thought again. Are they so wrong?

I know moms like this. For Pete’s sake – some of them could have been written about me (see texting while driving, go play outside).  It’s true that most of these images describe the sort of woman who is everyone’s nightmare; the hypocrite Sanctimommy who makes life unpleasant not just for her kids but for the other people she comes into contact with, too. That includes other moms.

So even though these memes are pretty obnoxious and point out all the things I think we’d rather not see about ourselves out here in the cul-de-sacs – I choose to loves these memes.  They are inappropriate and often really funny. I’ve decided to let them keep me a little more honest. And to laugh at myself, on the way to becoming a better Sheltering Suburban Mom.

All images are from QuickMeme.

  • Eat your quinoa 1 of 21
    Eat your quinoa
    Then could you go turn off the pool heater? It's getting warm.
  • Lock your doors 2 of 21
    Lock your doors
    Trevor from down the street got a mohawk.
  • For the love of GOD, stop playing Wii 3 of 21
    For the love of GOD, stop playing Wii
    OMG - did you see her Facebook update?
  • You need some fresh air! 4 of 21
    You need some fresh air!
    Only where I can see you.
  • Visine won’t help, you know 5 of 21
    Visine won't help, you know
    I can tell just by looking at you. Don't ask how I know. I JUST KNOW.
  • How dare you … 6 of 21
    How dare you ...
    Fail my kid?!
  • I went to Zumba 7 of 21
    I went to Zumba
    It was exhausting.
  • Laugh. Dance. Love 8 of 21
    Laugh. Dance. Love
    But never, ever shop at JC Penney's.
  • You will never believe what just happened to me 9 of 21
    You will never believe what just happened to me
    It was nothing. Really.
  • That is a federal offense, young man 10 of 21
    That is a federal offense, young man
    And if Law & Order has taught us nothing, it's that you don't want the Feds getting involved.
  • I callled the police 11 of 21
    I callled the police
    So don't make me worry next time.
  • I’m a putting a stop to this right now 12 of 21
    I'm a putting a stop to this right now
    I'm glad that's settled.
  • Hurry! She’s coming! 13 of 21
    Hurry! She's coming!
    If you don't pick it up, I'm just paying her to de-clutter and I am not scrubbing toilets myself - so GET ON IT.
  • Who the heck is Dr. Drew? 14 of 21
    Who the heck is Dr. Drew?
    Do you know what Dr. Oz says about that? Tsk tsk tsk...
  • How exactly was that rude? 15 of 21
    How exactly was that rude?
    I was trying to be POLITE.
  • Why don’t you join the choir? 16 of 21
    Why don't you join the choir?
    And could you please wear some normal clothes for a change?
  • Doesn’t she look sweet? 17 of 21
    Doesn't she look sweet?
    We're thinking about pageants!
  • I can’t take your SAT’s for you 18 of 21
    I can't take your SAT's for you
    But you know I would.
  • Safety first, kids 19 of 21
    Safety first, kids
    Hand me my phone - the GPS is all wonky again.
  • How could you?! 20 of 21
    How could you?!
    Go to your room. Where's the damn corkscrew?
  • What is this filth?! 21 of 21
    What is this filth?!
    Oh it's me. This is awkward.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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