25 Vintage 4th of July Postcards From the Creepy to the Cute

Bears Who Celebrate the Fourth of July

When was the last time you sent out a Fourth of July card? If your answer is never, then you’re in good company. Mailing out a happy Fourth of July message went the way of the Model T and the silent movies.

But apparently, there was a time when sending a card to honor our country’s birthday was a “thing” to do. And not just any old card; these cards run the gamut from creepy to cute. We’re talking guns, cannons, fireworks, rockets, and, of course, patriotic dancing bears.

Check out 24 other examples of vintage Fourth of July post cards right here from the wonderful to the weird.

  • Headless Uncle Sam Is On Fire 1 of 24
    Headless Uncle Sam Is On Fire
    This just looks dangerous. Here a headless Uncle Sam is surrounded by fireworks with a bold Hurrah! Hurrah!
    Source Postcard Ranch
  • Go Off on the 4th 2 of 24
    Go Off on the 4th
    Is that just a big stick of dynamite or are you happy to see me? This cute card features a girl holding on tight to a VERY big firecracker.
    Source: Miss Mary
  • Armed 3 of 24
    Draped in the American flag, this child holds a pretty big sword. I hope he knows how to handle it!
    Source: Zazzle
  • 1776 4 of 24
    It's like he's saying, "welcome to my Fourth of July fantasy."
    Source: Vintage Postcards
  • Cover Your Ears! 5 of 24
    Cover Your Ears!
    This looks loud.
    Source: Vintage Halloween Collector
  • Fear? 6 of 24
    The card says, "Fourth of July Greetings" but it seems more like less of a "greeting" and far more scary.
    Source Ruby Lane
  • REALLY Armed 7 of 24
    REALLY Armed
    He's got a gun, a cannon and a flag. He is ready!
    Source A Charmed Wife
  • Liberty 8 of 24
    I would like to know how the dog ended up wearing a parachute. The bell and the fireworks, they make sense. The dog? Not so much.
    Source: Flicker
  • A Song 9 of 24
    A Song
    "Yankee Doodle Came to Town," not riding on a pony but standing on a chair.
    Source: Vintage Holiday Crafts
  • The Sweet Fourth of July Card 10 of 24
    The Sweet Fourth of July Card
    This one is quite lovely with the phrase, "My thy sweet blossoms never cease to bloom in love and trust and peace."
    Source: Honey Hill Farms
  • Danger! Danger! 11 of 24
    Danger! Danger!
    I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want my kid sitting with a strand of firecrakers.
    Source: Vintage Halloween Collector
  • Little Drummer Boy 12 of 24
    Little Drummer Boy
    A little beat for the home of the brave.
    Source:Scarpbooking Craft Gossip
  • Firecracker Four 13 of 24
    Firecracker Four
    If I was his parent, I'd move his head stat.
    Source: A Charmed Wife
  • Lighting 14 of 24
    A man lighting the biggest firecracker ever. And what's up with the Gladiator sandals?
    Source: Flicker
  • Uncle Sam 15 of 24
    Uncle Sam
    A little Fourth of July highjinx.
  • The Day We Celebrate 16 of 24
    The Day We Celebrate
    Circa 1909, this card features a lovely young thing daintily holding her sparkler.
    Source: Flicker
  • The Fourth of July Blimp 17 of 24
    The Fourth of July Blimp
    Uncle Sam and his dates taking a ride in a blimp, just like my dreams.
    Source: Vintage Holiday Crafts
  • The Fourth Of July Dress 18 of 24
    The Fourth Of July Dress
    Yeah, I'd totally wear that!
    Source: Capital Report New Mexico
  • Uh Oh 19 of 24
    Uh Oh
    Uh oh, the dog got the firecracker, I smell trouble.
  • Stocked Up 20 of 24
    Stocked Up
    These kids, they are stocked up with guns, amo, firecracker and of course an acorn on a string.
    Source: Flicker River
  • The Creepiest Fourth of July Card EVER 21 of 24
    The Creepiest Fourth of July Card EVER
    This card reads, "Fotograph your boy before the 4th of July: you may not get a chance after."
    Source: Asylum Electica
  • Beware the Bear 22 of 24
    Beware the Bear
    This bear is fully loaded with three pieces of fireworks. Beware the bear.
    Source: Flicker
  • Kid + Fireworks 23 of 24
    Kid + Fireworks
    A bit dangerous, but they look far.
    Source: Phantasmagorical Musingr
  • Uncle Sam 24 of 24
    Uncle Sam
    It looks like Uncle Sam is about to set her hair on fire.
    Source: Flicker

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