25 Weirdest & Wackiest Prom Dresses EVER! (Photos)

The Sock Monkey Dress

Prom is right around the corner. While some gals (and guys) will be looking to the fashion magazines like Vogue, or to stylish celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, or to the newest hot trends for their style inspiration, others will be inspired by something completely different like candy wrappers, duct tape, orĀ Twilight.

Over the years, teenagers have challenged the regular standard-issue prom gown idea. They have created homespun creations that are truly one-of-a-kind. Some are wacky, others are weird, and some are, well, wonderful.

Check out the 25 weirdest and wackiest prom dresses ever right here:

Which one is your favorite?

  • The Twilight Dress 1 of 24
    May I present the "Ice vs Fire Twilight Dress Jacob and Edward Light Up Formal Dress." It's the perfect dress for the Twlight fan who can't decide between Edward or Jacob and as Happy Place states, "this Etsy item is made of 50% ice-cold Edward, 50% red-hot Jacob, and 100% alarming loneliness."
    Via: The Happy Place
  • The Starburst Dress 2 of 24
    For her school's "Candyland" theme prom, Tara Frey and her mom created the Starburst wrapper dress which they made by folding each wrapper, "eight times and pressed with a tweezers for a tight weave." Now that is some commitment.
    Image via: Smosh
  • The Skittles Dress 3 of 24
    This prom season this dress would have a far more political punch (with the whole Trayvon Martin case). But when it was created, it was just playing homage to the sugary treat in a very creative way. Image Via: The Wonderous
  • The Bubble Wrap Dress 4 of 24
    Pretty cool, but it would probably get annoying when people would come up to you are start bursting your bubbles.
    Image via: Smosh
  • Anime Duct Tape Dress 5 of 24
    Now this is a duct tape masterpiece. Especially when you factor in the detail work of the illustrations of the little girl and boy. Seriously hardcore.
    Image: The Social Newspaper
  • The Gum Wrapper Dress 6 of 24
    Yes, this girl's dress is made entirely of gum wrappers. It totally looks like something from Barbarella .
    Image via: Smosh
  • Pokemon Power! 7 of 24
    Okay, the jury is out on whether this was really worn for prom, but regardless, this is one super awesome ode to Pokemon power.
    Image via: Smosh
  • Pokemon Power Part 2 8 of 24
    This dress is another tribute to Pokemon - this one made for a lucky Etsy buyer. Uber geeky but also uber cute.
    Image: Etsy
  • Wonderland 9 of 24
    Let's hope there was some kind of theme to this prom, otherwise wearing this very detailed Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts outfits to the prom would be, well, awkward. But kudos for making this wonderland fashion statement.
    Image: The Social Newspaper
  • The Hunger Games 10 of 24
    Now, this one isn't that weird or wacky, but it is probably something we'll be seeing several of this prom season - the Katniss inspired dress. Here is a "girl on fire" gown. Fortunately there were no real pyrotechnics involved.
    Image via: Etsy
  • The Coffee Filter Dress 11 of 24
    This girl ain't no drip, but she did wear a dress made entirely of coffee filters. Let's just hope it didn't rain.
    Image via: Smosh
  • Why Grow Up? 12 of 24
    For that teenage girl who just doesn't wanna grow up, there is this Hello Kitty prom dress available from Etsy right here.
  • The Hamburger Dress 13 of 24
    Now this was not intended for prom per say, but it would be a fitting dress for the Hamburger loving prom goer. Image via Joy Kampia
  • Warhol 14 of 24
    This couple apparently love some Andy Warhol. The two wore outfits with half of Andy's face on them, but it must have been kind of annoying having to stand side by side all night. And extra points for the girls banana purse. Image Via: The Wonderous
  • Black & White 15 of 24
    I feel like I am missing out of some kind of reference to what their outfits are in tribute to. Maybe it's a mash-up of Gothic Lolita/Edwardian/Latex lover look.
    Image: The Social Newspaper
  • Geeky Get-ups 16 of 24
    Taking the duct tape challenge further, this couple made a circuitry statement in their outfits. And by the grins on their faces, they were pretty proud of their prom presence.
    Image: The Social Newspaper
  • The Burst 17 of 24
    In my mind this couple is actually a band ala The White Stripes but are called The Burst. She plays keyboards and he sings. But no, it appears this is just their prom photo. But I love the details from the outfits to the hair.
    Image: The Social Newspaper
  • She’s Got Game 18 of 24
    This Monopoly loving lass created a dress entirely of Monopoly money. Bonus points for the Chance card carryall.
    Image Via: The Wonderous
  • Read My Dress 19 of 24
    This is an affordable option to all those prom dresses that cost hundreds of dollars - it's a dress made of newspapers. It's actually pretty damn awesome.
    Image Via: The Wonderous
  • The Doritos Dress 20 of 24
    The snack loving gal wore a dress made up of recycled Dorito bags. Let's hope nobody got the munchies and tried to grab one of her bags.
    Image Via: The Wonderous
  • Promin’ in the Rain 21 of 24
    Wow. All I have to say is wow. This matching set of outfits are big, bold and oddly beautiful.
    Image Via: The Wonderous
  • Social Butterfly 22 of 24
    This is a prom dress created by an Etsy seller that would be perfect for that social butterfly.
    Image Via: Etsy
  • May the Force Be With Her 23 of 24
    This is pretty much the cutest prom dress ever. Geeky and adorable.
    Image: The Social Newspaper
  • I Think She Loves the Misfits 24 of 24
    This gal wanted everyone to know that she loves, I mean really loves The Misfits.
    Image via: Smosh

Image via: Smosh


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