25 Winter Wedding Ideas

I’ve told you before how much I love weddings. Each and every moment, from the tiniest details to their symbolism and all they represent. Whenever I am on Etsy I somehow find myself drawn to all of the pretties and can only imagine what I might have done if I had even more time to have planned by own wedding. For now, until someone hires me to help orchestrate their big day, I will settle for pinning ideas on Pinterest and when possible, sharing ideas with you all here.

Wanting to put together a roundup of ideas for a winter wedding, I went and perused The Sweetest Occasion for inspiration to see what lovelies Cyd was sharing over there. While there I stumbled upon her Nutella hot chocolate with cinnamon whipped cream recipe, something that in my opinion would be the perfect warm beverage to serve your wedding guests during the cold winter months. The ideas that I am sharing with you today work not just for weddings but for showers and other soirées too. What I love about Etsy is there are so many wonderful products and oftentimes sellers are able to customize items to your liking. So take a moment to see the latest edition of wedding ideas. This time it’s all about winter weddings! And when you’re done don’t forget to visit Cyd’s blog for that Nutella hot chocolate recipe and for more winter inspiration!

  • “Baby Its Cold Outside” Sign 1 of 25
    "Baby Its Cold Outside" Sign
    This festive chalkboard sign would be a darling addition to your wedding day. Place it beside a hot chocolate station or next to a basket of scarves. It is sure to make your guests smile.
    Available on Etsy for $105.00
  • Custom Calligraphy Invites 2 of 25
    Custom Calligraphy Invites
    Sometimes love isn't complicated so why should selecting or designing an invite be? These simple yet stylish invites can be printed from the comforts of your own home.
    Available on Etsy for $35.00
  • The Dress 3 of 25
    The Dress
    Subtle yet lovely details such as hand beaded cap sleeves and a flowy chiffon skirt result in a dress that appears to be both beautiful and comfortable. Add a satin ribbon in a color of your choice to accentuate your waist and draw in color from elsewhere if color has been incorporated into you wedding day.
    Available on Etsy for $1,076.37
  • Lace Sleeves 4 of 25
    Lace Sleeves
    If you'd rather sleeves, a lace cropped jacket is a way to add detail to a more simple, less expensive gown.
    Available on Etsy for $237.99
  • Festive Florals 5 of 25
    Festive Florals
    For a more festive celebration bring in Christmas colors by mixing flowers, holly and other organic materials.
    Available on Etsy for $175.00
  • Small Strapped Shoes 6 of 25
    Small Strapped Shoes
    Outfit the littlest lady in your wedding party in these sweet pearl and lace ankle strapped shoes.
    Available on Etsy for $80.00
  • Monograms 7 of 25
    Adorn doors with wreaths with your initials incorporated into them.
    Available on Etsy for $250.00
  • Keep Ears Cozy 8 of 25
    Keep Ears Cozy
    Since it's winter it is very likely that your guests will come with their coats in tow. If the festivities are taking place outdoors instead of passing out shawls try something different and hand out ear muffs or gift them to your wedding party.
    Available on Etsy for $35.00
  • String Twinkle Lights 9 of 25
    String Twinkle Lights
    Use twinkle lights to add to the décor. This strand of lights has been tied with fabric strips that have a portion of the lyrics to jingle bells on them.
    Available on Etsy for $25.00
  • Mercury Glass 10 of 25
    Mercury Glass
    Place mercury glass votives and candle holders around the room.
    Available on Etsy for $25.00
  • A Nest 11 of 25
    A Nest
    Have the ring bearer bring the rings in a bird's nest complete with pinecones and pine.
    Available on Etsy for $19.50
  • Toss Reindeer Food 12 of 25
    Toss Reindeer Food
    Confetti and rose petals are typically tossed at the bride and groom as they come back down the aisle but perhaps some consideration should be given to reindeer food! It's easy to make and with the reindeer coming to eat it, won't require all the cleanup.
    Available on Etsy for $6.00
  • The Guestbook 13 of 25
    The Guestbook
    If you live in a city where raindrops are more likely to fall from the sky than snowflakes then this just might be the perfect guest book for you. Wedding guests each sign a raindrop and later your artwork is displayed in your home.
    Available on Etsy for $195.00
  • Lace Pendants 14 of 25
    Lace Pendants
    A unique take on the pendant that can be worn by the bride or given as a gift to the bridesmaids.
    Available on Etsy for $120.00
  • Ceramic Ornaments 15 of 25
    Ceramic Ornaments
    Display small trees with a star on the top of each of them identifying a table number. Decorate the trees with ornaments that have name tags tied to them to help guests find their table number. Allow them to take their ornaments home as favors.
    Available on Etsy for $20.00
  • Antique Ornaments 16 of 25
    Antique Ornaments
    Fill jars with antique ornaments or use them to decorate a small tree. Use these as centerpieces throughout the space.
    Available on Etsy for $45.00
  • Snow Globe Mason Jars 17 of 25
    Snow Globe Mason Jars
    Another one of the many uses for mason jars. How pretty and fun would it be to make your own mason jars, and inside include table numbers and place one at each table?
    Available on Etsy for $15.00
  • Special Seating 18 of 25
    Special Seating
    Bring in furniture for extra seating and fun photo ops! Places such as Found Vintage Rentals offer rental furniture for events.
    Available on Etsy for $1,495.00
  • Gingerbread Houses 19 of 25
    Gingerbread Houses
    Gingerbread house kits made of chipboard will keep little guests entertained and are less prone to breakage then their cooked counterparts.
    Available on Etsy for $10.00
  • A Sparkly Cake Topper 20 of 25
    A Sparkly Cake Topper
    A cake topper for the winter loving love birds.
    Available on Etsy for $58.00
  • Have a Cookie Bar 21 of 25
    Have a Cookie Bar
    Host your own version of a cookie exchange complete with a variety of cookies for guests to enjoy at the reception or take home for later to give to Santa. Serve them on special plates like this one.
    Available on Etsy for $60.00
  • Snowflake Cookies 22 of 25
    Snowflake Cookies
    If it doesn't snow and you can't have real snowflakes then these cookies might just be the next best thing. They would also make a lovely and tasty addition to your cookie bar.
    Available on Etsy for $30.00
  • Cocoa Stirrers 23 of 25
    Cocoa Stirrers
    Make special stirrers to add a little flavor to the warm beverages served at your coffee bar.
    Available on Etsy for $10.00
  • Have a Kissing Booth 24 of 25
    Have a Kissing Booth
    The bride and groom won't be the only ones to kiss after the I do's. Have a kissing photo booth by adding fun props such as mistletoe and a "kiss me" sign.
    Available on Etsy for $15.00
  • For the Road 25 of 25
    For the Road
    Offer guests to-go cups of hot cocoa or coffee to keep them warm on the ride home.
    Available on Etsy for $14.00


Don’t miss our list of The Top 50 Etsy parents of 2012 and a special thank you to Cyd for continuing to be a source of inspiration for weddings and other special occasions!

December 2013 brides it’s time to start planning! What do you think of winter weddings?


Photo Sources: The Sweetest Occasion and Etsy

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