3 Easy Tips To Get Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth


If you’ve done this parenting thing before this may be a no-brainer to you.

But, just in case this is your first rodeo, I thought I’d throw a couple tips your way to help you get your little ones on the road to good dental hygiene.

When Henry was sprouting his first teeth he wouldn’t let me get a toothbrush near his mouth. His pediatrician said wiping the teeth with a washcloth was a good substitute so I made a game out of sucking on a wet washcloth in the bathtub and managed to get them fairly clean that way.

Now that both kids are old enough to wrangle their own tooth brushes I’ve stumbled onto a couple surefire ways to make teeth brushing time as pleasant as possible, all things considered. Here is what I’ve learned.

Electronic toothbrush, baby – Kids love buttons. They also love stuff you can turn on and off. And it saves you the hassle of having to rummage around in their mouth manually. Basically, turn the toothbrush into a toy. Younger kids don’t necessarily care about having clean teeth, they’re all about fun so threatening them with rotten teeth isn’t really as effective as luring them with a toy.

Hum a teeth brushing song – Ours is to to the tune of Mary Had A Little Lamb: “This is the way we brush our teeth, brush our teeth, brush our teeth, this is the way we brush our teeth to get them nice and clean.” Aquafresh also has a teethbrushing song you can learn and play.

Timer – Keep a timer next to your sink and set it for two minutes. Kids are done when the time is up. Also, I’ve heard good things about Tooth Tunes. A toothbrush that plays two minutes of music while you’re brushing and then turns off so your kid knows they’re done. So far we’ve been making music the old-fashioned way, singing and humming, and it works for us.

A last note, make sure you instigate teeth brushing at the same time every morning and night. Dentists say you should be brushing for two minutes twice a day. Kids love routine and, before you know it, they’ll be heading to the sink before you bring it up. What about you? Any tips or tricks you’d like to share?

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