3 Forms of Cheating that You May Not Realize are Actually Cheating

cheatingWhile there are several forms of cheating that we are all widely aware of, there are some less pronounced forms. These things are acts or gestures that might seem innocent at a first glance; however, in the eyes of some men and women, they are deal breakers and worthy of the title of a cheater. A study conducted by University of Michigan and referenced in The Huffington Post surveyed over 400 students to find out  what they classified as cheating. Of the things that made the list were:

1. Going out to dinner

2. Hugging for more than 10 seconds

3. Sharing secrets

Have you been “guilty” of one of the above mentioned things? Have you gone out to dinner with a friend of the opposite sex and confided in them? Have you ever hugged someone who wasn’t a relative for longer than 10 seconds? In the event that you have, while it is very likely that it was harmless in nature, how would you feel if it were your spouse? Knowing that there are various actions that can be deemed cheating would you go so far as to include these in the list? To find out what other actions were considered cheating visit The Huffington Post.


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