3 Friends of ‘Teen Mom 2 Star Expecting Babies

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What is it about being an unwed, underage mom that appeals to some girls?

There are plenty of guilty pleasures I have when it comes to TV viewing, “The Real Housewives That Are About As Real As the Color of My Hair” among them.

However, I take no pleasure — guilty or otherwise — in watching clueless, self-absorbed young girls become mothers. Because giving birth doesn’t actually make you a mom, but it still and automatically means you’re responsible for a helpless little life.

From the one and a half episodes of “Teen Mom” I watched while on a plane a few weeks ago, these girls who had given birth were still in desperate need of being reared themselves. They were clearly not equipped in the role of responsible, caring guardians to little babies.

One girl noted a serious health problem with her daughter but didn’t want to take her to the doctor so she wouldn’t have to deal with what could possibly be wrong, and because she didn’t want the baby’s father to catch on to the notion of any kind of problem. It was sickening to watch, and I ultimately had to change the channel.

And then I read that three friends of one of the “Teen Mom 2” girls have gotten pregnant? Was it something their friend said about the glamour of being an underage, unwed mom that lead them to get knocked up? Was it the allure of their own MTV spinoff, in which one of them is reportedly interested? Was it the various arrests, custody battles and money struggles faced by their friends with children that made them think, “Gee, now’s a great time in my life to have unprotected sex”?

What is up with the glamorization of teen moms? While some recent reports indicate that teen pregnancies are actually on the decline, how are they still happening at all? Where, exactly, is the disconnect between these kids, their parents, teachers and lessons of birth control? It’s not the ruined lives of the teen moms that I care about, but these poor babies born to immature, delusional parents. I weep for the future of these babies.

While MTV and their featured teen moms seem to think they’re doing everyone a favor by showing how unglamorous parenting is at a young age, clearly some are not getting that message.

Please, make it stop.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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