3 Technology Rules All Couples Should Follow

Impact of Technology on CouplesWith the exception of cupcakes and baby snuggles too much of any good thing is bad for you. This is particularly the case with technology. Despite the purpose of it being used to make our lives easier in many ways it just makes things complicated and instead of it bringing us closer together it can sometimes cause a wedge in our relationships. But there are things that you can do to prevent technology from getting the best of you when it comes to your love life. To help with that Your Tango highlighted several technology rules couples can follow to help them stay connected.

There are various challenges associated with relying on technology as a primary means of communication. One of them is the fact that things can get misinterpreted. It is hard to tell a person’s tone when reading a text message giving way for assumptions to take place and misunderstandings to rear their ugly head. According to Your Tango Experts Susie and Otto Collins, our society has become so “plugged in,” something that “isn’t always healthy for our love relationships or marriages.”

Although the article gives numerous rules to follow when it comes to your love life and the role technology plays in it there are three in particular that stood out to me:

1. Don’t use technology to end an argument or make a big decision.” You might be the King or Queen of witty comebacks via text message but that isn’t the place to handle a disagreement. According to Susie and Otto Collins, “If the two of you had a disagreement as you left the house that morning, resist the temptation to hash it out over text or email.” Despite having an ability to instantly connect via technology it is better to leave some things for a face-to-face discussion.

2. Technology shouldn’t be a substitute for face-to-face interaction with your spouse. Couples should not let technology be a substitute for real quality time together. Susie and Otto Collins point out, “Life can get busy, but don’t sacrifice quality when it comes to the ways you two regularly interact.”

3. Have fun with it! While it shouldn’t be a replacement for your interaction with your spouse it can be used to enhance it. While Susie and Otto Collins encourage you to save the serious talks for times when you and your partner are focused and face-to-face, flirting is definitely a good use of it. “Be flirty, sensual and have kind-hearted fun with your partner with technology,” the experts say.

These tips can be particularly helpful for couples who are in a long distance relationships; however, all couples can benefit from establishing and following rules when it comes to the role technology plays in their relationship. For more on technology rules for couples visit Your Tango.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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