Nutsak, Horny, and Other Names My Child Gave Her Toys

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My three-year-old is precious. But she’s also completely nuts. Recently, she has started naming things. It’s sort of a hobby. She names the squirrels in the front yard and the people she sees in cars while sitting at stop lights and of course, she names her toys. And these names are so wrong that they may have come full circle and are now right again.

Or maybe I’m just kidding myself.

The names that she chooses for her toys became so crazy that we started keeping a list. Some of them were funny but some required interventions (I am not above begging) for her to change them. She is disinclined to change a name once she chooses one and the more we argued, the more stubborn she became. Conversely, if we pretended it was no big deal, she would sometimes forget the horrifying moniker and eventually call the toy something else.

I am not even kidding when I say that this child’s penchant for names has publicly humiliated me more than once.

Watch the movie, see for yourself.

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