34 Percent of Men Fake it in Bed and Other Fascinating Male Stats

Think you know men? You might want to think again.

According to’s 2012 “Great Male Survey”, women haven’t cornered the market on faking it in the bedroom. Thirty-four percent of men admitted faking orgasm on one or multiple occasions. Gasp! What do you mean vaginas aren’t magical?

Faking orgasm wasn’t all’s survey of 49,000 men found; check out fascinating survey highlights on everything from sex and relationships to aliens after the jump!

• 54 percent of men believe they can tell when a woman’s faking an orgasm…mmkay.

• 58 percent of men would be offended by the¬†aforementioned faked orgasm, because 92 percent care if she orgasms.

• 62 percent of men believe in aliens…probably with perfect breasts.

• 70 percent of men believe in the institution of marriage.

• 39 percent of men believe women start losing their looks at age 40. That reminds us, your Propecia’s ready for pick up.

• 37 percent of men wouldn’t cheat even if there was no chance of their partner finding out. For those married to the other 63 percent, check out 12 Signs Your Husband is Cheating.

• 77 percent of men dress to impress women.

• 54 percent of men would dump a girlfriend for getting fat. (On a related note, 46 percent of women are better off without them.)

• 41 percent believe the ultimate male status symbol is a family.

• 66 percent of men would get into a fight with a stranger if they felt a loved one needed protection.

• 73 percent of men would take the male birth control pill. No statistic available on how many would actually remember to take it.

• 51 percent of men believe men and women should take turns paying for dates.

• 47 percent of men don’t have a problem with their partner friending exes on Facebook.

• 83 percent of men would never share racy pics they received with friends. Shame on you, 17 percent!

• 53 percent of men don’t care about how their penis size compares to other men’s, or so they say.

• 56 percent of men have never been tested for STD’s. Um, yikes.

• 42 percent of men admit to fantasizing about a partner’s friend but try not to.

• 62 percent are tired of hearing about Kim Kardashian and 67 percent are tired of Justin Bieber.

• 45 percent of men believe they know how to find a woman’s G-spot. No comment.

Any of the stats surprise you?

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