4 Couples Trips Gone Wrong

Stories about couples traveling Even when it comes to planning a vacation life can remind us that our travel itinerary cannot contend with Mother Nature or human error. At times the most wonderful vacation plans have come to a screeching halt or encounter a serious delay when things occur that are beyond our control. Below are a few examples of couples trips gone wrong.

1. Flown to the Wrong Continent

Couple Sandy Valdivieso and her husband Triet Vo must have experienced  a real life nightmare when they fell asleep only to wake up in the wrong continent while traveling by way of airplane. As a result of an airplane mix up the couple, who was traveling from Los Angeles to Dakar, Senegal (an African city) ended up in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As reported by USA Today that was 6,900 miles away from where they were going. Not to mention on an entirely different continent!

Due to an employee at the airline entering the wrong code for the airline’s booking system they ended up heading for Dhaka rather than Dakar. After having to get things cleared up the couple was “flown back to Istanbul 12 hours later, at no charge.” For more on this story visit USA Today.

2. One trip, six forms of craziness

A CNBC article featured the story of a Swedish couple that encountered several natural disasters during their honeymoon. The couple, Stefan and Erika Svanstrom, first faced a snowstorm while in Germany. Later they faced a cyclone and flood and so it seems, with each disaster they escaped they found themselves in the midst of another. To make matters even scarier they were traveling with their daughter. While they were able to end on a positive note, enjoying “a holiday in China before returning home safe,” what this family encountered is enough to make many of us retire our passports and stick to more local destinations like our backyard. For more on this story visit CNBC.

3. Chaos on a cruise ship

This past April, a Riverbank, California couple expressed what Sac & Co refer to as a “nightmare at sea.” Lisa Gomez and her boyfriend Beryl Rawlings boarded a cruise headed for Baja, Mexico. What was intended to be a romantic Valentine’s gift turned out to be anything but. Gomez experienced nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and what she referred to as “excruciating pain.” The couple ended up having to leave the ship for medical care, and ended up spending all of their money to receive it. Gomez was said to have an E. coli infection and believed she got it while on board the ship. Following the incident the cruise ship blamed the couple for not purchasing travel insurance and as a result “refused to take responsibility for the incident.” At the time of the report the couple expressed concern over the thousands of dollars in medical bills that they would be receiving. Although we have heard various stories about people being stranded on a cruise ship the idea of being violently ill while on one seems like a hard pill to swallow no matter how much water you have. For more on this story visit Sac & Co.

4. Shark Attack

A run in with a shark is enough to send anyone running (or swimming) for the hills. According to a March ABC news article, a man “identified as Roger” was diving in South Africa when a shark attempted to grab him. Roger had been on his honeymoon, having gotten married the day before the incident. Thanks to his quick thinking the newlywed managed to escape injury by swimming below the shark’s mouth. For more on this story, including a video, visit ABC news.

Stories like these remind us that while we can make every effort to plan and prepare, many things are beyond our control. Sure we could refrain from traveling on planes or cruise ships and we could forgo honeymoons all together. And swimming with the sharks does not have to make an appearance on one’s bucket list. But the trouble is, if we always worry about what could happen we might miss out on having some really amazing experiences or crazy stories to share.

What are your thoughts; would experiencing a major disaster or mishap while traveling be enough to make you give up traveling? Have you ever experienced a couple’s trip gone wrong?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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