4 Reasons Couples Fight on Romantic Vacations and How to Stop It

I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but this article is more for me than you.

You see, a recent vacation argument involving hotel room keys ended in my husband’s audibly undesirable proclamation, “Dammit Lori, you’re no fun on vacation!” Burn. The entire 7th floor of the San Diego DoubleTree┬áheard it; they had to.

As much as I’d love to use my powers of social media to force him to take it back, the fact is, we always fight on vacation. Always. And over the dumbest stuff. Hell, we fought over socks on our honeymoon. It’s true; ask the San Francisco Westin.

What is it about romantic getaways that cause arguments? My God, there you are, just the two of you with a wine/food/vacation sex agenda. What the hell is there to argue about?

TresSugar knows and offers up four common pitfalls of romantic travel; check ’em out after the jump!

Too much of a good thing: You planned this vacation to spend romantic time together, what you didn’t expect was how much all that togetherness would bug the crap out of you. Periodically engage in a little alone time on your vacay. You’ll have just enough space to miss your boo, keeping your romantic getaway utterly swoontastic.

Sexual expectations: You packed good lingerie and groomed down south in eager anticipation of mind-blowing sex, the kind your home mattress has never seen. The problem with planning sexcapades is that they rarely live up to the hype. TresSugar recommends trading your “sexpectations” for sexy cuddles in the morning instead. Morning sex is a great way to start your romantic day ahead!

Opposing ideas of “vacation”: You love to take in all the sights and sounds your destination has to offer. He’d rather sleep in, or play golf on the resort instead. What’s a couple to do; fight about it? Oh Honey, no. The answer is compromise. Don’t play social director and monopolize the trip with your personal agenda. Keep a positive attitude and have fun!

The unexpected: Traveling will always bring its share of logistical nightmares. Expect the unexpected and take comfort in knowing the worst disasters make the best storytelling fodder.

For more detailed resolution to these common pitfalls of romantic travel, visit TresSugar and happy travels!

Do you and your partner argue on romantic vacations?

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