4 Things to Do for Flag Day: Family Fun

What to do on Flag Day

Today – June 14th – is Flag Day. But if you are like me, you probably haven’t planned anything to celebrate. But why not? It’s always fun to throw another celebration into the mix. And this day can be used as a teachable moment for the kids, a way to educate them about the American Flag and the history of Flag Day. Here are five simple ways to celebrate Flag Day for the whole family.

1) Go for a ride with the kids and count all the American Flag you see.
Like a treasure hunt, load the kids up into the car, drive around, and count how many American Flags you see. You can take it to another level by making bets of how many you think you’ll see before you head out.

2) Hang up a flag and at dusk have your own little ceremony to bring the flag down.
The big thing to do on Flag Day is to – well – hang up a flag. Put up a flag outside of your home and at dusk, have your own little flag ceremony to bring it down. And bonus points if you have a bugle.

3) Coloring pages
For those color happy kids in the home, have your kids complete some American Flag coloring page. Have them do several of them and then string them up for an American Flag banner. Keep it till next month and use if for the Fourth of July as well.

4) Red, white and blue lunch or dinner
If there is some kind of celebration, you know there is some kind of food involved. Make a red, white and blue lunch or dinner. Maybe a white grain pasta with red pasta sauce and some blueberry pie for dessert.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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