4-Year-Old Girl Banned From Taking School Photo Because of Hairstyle

A variation of the hair do that one school says is a big hair don't.

A second school student’s hairstyle is causing controversy.

You may remember last week’s hairy situation.

As I reported, middle school student, Patrick Gonzalez, was told to get rid of the basketball star he had shaved into his head or face suspension.

Now absolutely adorable 3-year-old Marcella Marino was made to cry when she was told she wasn’t allowed to wear her hair in a bow for class pictures.

Here’s a photo of little Marcella sporting the hairstyle in question:

As Piper Weiss on Shine from Yahoo reports, Marcella’s father, Marcello, is a professional hairstylist so she asked him to make her look like a princess for her class photo. The salon owner twisted his daughter’s long blond hair into a bow.

The little girl loved it but her school hated it. Her dad says, “When she went for the school photo on Monday she was told she wasn’t allowed to wear her hair in that style because of the dress code.”

Apprently, the British primary school the girl attends has a very strict dress code that includes no ribbons or bows in hair. It even says braids can’t be worn. Technically, this isn’t a braid, and although it’s a bow, it’s still Marcella’s hair. Nonetheless, the school said no way.

“I am so disappointed,” Marcello says. “I could understand if Marcella arrived with her hair dyed or something, but this is an elegant look which I think the school should be proud of.”

What do you think? Is the school being ridiculous or do you think Marcella’s hair do is a big, fat hair don’t?

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