5 Apps to Help Keep Track of Your Kid’s Allowance

Do you struggle like myself with keeping up with your kid’s allowance? While we have the best intentions when it comes to chores and paying allowance and what not, it just wasn’t happening.

A few months ago, we setup a new system for our household which includes family meetings and an allowance schedule.  While we figured out a process, we kept getting hung up on the money thing. Our kids would never have their money with them when they wanted to buy something, or we would forget to pay allowance. It became a headache until we started using an app to keep track of it all.

Allowance Apps

Here is a round up of 5 great allowance apps that can help you (and your child) manage allowance.

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    allowance apps

    Need help keeping track of your kid's allowance money? Check out these 5 allowance apps!

  • iAllowance 2 of 6

    This is the app we use called iAllowance app. We give our kids money and are teaching tithing and savings. This app allows us to sort money and handle both kids.  While there is a free version, we upgraded for full access to all features.

    iAllowance, $3.99 for iOS

  • Tykoon 3 of 6

    Tykoon is a company started by the founder of Lending Tree in an effort to empower a new generation of children who grow up financially responsible, motivated, and in control of their money.   Their free app hope to help you do just that. It integrates with the Tykoon web site and can help you teach the basic of money to your child.

    Tykoon, Free on iOS

  • My Owlowance 4 of 6

    This app has a twist. Install this app on your kids phone to help them with budgeting (or on your phone if you are needing help in that area.)  Put in your weekly allowance and figure out how it's spent.

    My Owlowance, Free on Android

  • FamZoo Family Finance 5 of 6

    FamZoo helps you teach kids how to save money by allowing you to split up their money in various banks.

    FamZoo helps parents teach their children good personal finance habits. Set up your own online Virtual Family Bank to manage your kid's allowances, chores, budgets, goals, loans, spending, saving, charitable giving, and much more. Start simple with young kids, and add sophistication as your children mature through their tween and teen years.

    There is a 2-month free trial. A membership fee of $39.99 a year is required after the 2-month period is over.

    FamZoo, Free on iOS

  • Kiddy Bank 6 of 6

    Looking for a simple and free allowance app? Check out Kiddy Bank. You setup the allowance schedule on the app, and it will automatically setup payments (virtual) for each kid on their allowance pay day.

    Kiddy Bank is Free on iOS

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