5 Bedroom Statistics That Might Just Make You Feel Normal

Everyone loves a good sex stat because knowing what we do (or don’t do) in the bedroom isn’t nearly as interesting as the imagined dirty deeds everyone else is up to.

Call it curious, call it voyeuristic, call it just plain nosy, inquiring loins want to know how they measure up when it comes to sex.

So enough with the literary foreplay, check out 5 of Live Science’s surprising sex stats for your insatiable coital curiosity – after the jump!

  • Friends with bennies 1 of 5
    Friends with bennies
    According to Wayne State and Michigan State Universities, two-thirds of college students have engaged in a "friends with benefits" relationship. It seems the remaining one-third of college students need more attractive friends.
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  • Like a virgin 2 of 5
    Like a virgin
    The average female loses her virginity at age 17.4 while the average male loses his at 16.9. No stats available as to what percentage of participants were lying to impress their friends.
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  • Size matters 3 of 5
    Size matters
    Men, the Kinsey Institute wants you to know that the average erect penis in the U.S. is five to seven inches long. Worth noting, women don't carry rulers in their handbags.
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  • Your number 4 of 5
    Your number
    According to a National Center for Health Statistics survey of adults ages 20 to 59, women have an average of four sexual partners in their lifetimes, while men have seven.
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  • Lone sleeper 5 of 5
    Lone sleeper
    According to the National Sleep Foundation, 12 percent of married people sleep alone. No data available as to whether cover stealing or snoring is to blame.
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For more interesting sex stats, visit Live Science.

Were you surprised by any of these sex stats?

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