5 Cartoon Moms I Want to Be Like

Which cartoon moms do you admire?

The cartoons that mesmerize our kids might have a lot more to offer than just being an awesome babysitter.  Moms could actually learn something from the mama characters, like how to be a better parent and speak in a much softer voice. And wear more colorful clothing.

An article at the new Nick MomI Wish I Could Be Like: Dora’s Mom inspired me to think of the five animated mothers that I kind of want to be like, seen below. 

  • Caillou’s Mom 1 of 5
    Caillou's Mom
    The always primary-colored dressed mom to Caillou and Rosie not only puts up with her son's whiny voice all the day long but she really does demonstrate gentleness, patience, and creativity with her kids. And she seems to be a great wife to Dad, too. She's probably the only thing I like about that show!
  • Helen Parr from The Incredibles 2 of 5
    Helen Parr from The Incredibles
    AKA Elastigirl, this superhero mom birthed three superhero children- Violet, Dash, and Baby Jack Jack and can stretch and change shape to most anything- an excellent good mom quality. Remember the time she became a parachute and boat to save her kids' lives? That was pretty awesome. (Ma Incredible can also be seen in my 15 Best Movie Moms Ever)
  • Little Bear’s Mom 3 of 5
    Little Bear's Mom
    Really I just want to be Little Bear and have his mom for my own. I love her soft voice and laughter and how she's always cooking something good in the kitchen. She's also great at problem solving and lets her cub explore in the woods on his own. Also- did you ever see A Kiss For Little Bear ? My favorite episode ever. She's the sweetest.
  • Max and Ruby’s Mom 4 of 5
    Max and Ruby's Mom
    So, I want to be more free-range like Max and Ruby's mom. They seem to be doing just fine (except for Ruby being a bit too responsible for her little brother... maybe?)

    And if you were wondering where the heck Max and Ruby's parents are, according to an exclusive interview with Nick Jr (hat tip to The Stir), Rosemary Wells, the creator of Max and Ruby explains, "We don't see Max and Ruby's parents because I believe that kids resolve their issues and conflicts differently when they're on their own. The television series gives kids a sense about how these two siblings resolve their conflicts in a humorous and entertaining way."

  • Marge Simpson 5 of 5
    Marge Simpson
    Mom to Bart, Lisa, & Maggie,

    Marge previously made my list of the 5 TV Moms Who Inspire Me to Be a Better Mother. She's always rolling with the punches with nary a fuss (okay, maybe she'll make that cute little grumble of hers) but Marge is an excellent example of patience and love for her family.

Which cartoon moms do you admire?

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