5 Great Presidents Day Crafts for Kids

Penny Craft

The kids, they are out of school today. Your job?  Not to just keep them busy but to give them something to do that isn’t just fun but that embraces the holiday. A way for our children to celebrate not just a day off of school but the reason they have the day off in the first place.  Here are 5 fun President’s Day crafts and activities to do with your little ones on this national holiday.

Lincoln Penny Pendant
I actually did this project with a dozen or so preschoolers on Friday. And they loved it and wore their penny necklaces proudly. All you need is construction paper, string and a penny. Hint – if you have a strong glue, that would be best for adhering the penny. You can get full instructions right here.

Lincoln Stove Top Hat
This is a mini version of Abraham Lincoln’s iconic hat made from just a toilet roll and some construction paper. You can get full directions on how to make one right here.

Crayon Log Cabin
Sure, you can make a tiny log cabin out of toothpicks or popsicle sticks, but they are so drab. Brighten it up your log cabin greatness with this version made from crayons. Crayola has the instructions on making their own version right here.

A Patriotic Quilt Craft
Don’t worry, you won’t have to drag out the sewing machine for this one. This is purely a paper based quilt. Find iconic patriotic images with your kids and have them create their own “quilt” of important iconic pictures. Inspiration for the paper quilt here. Now if you’re feeling really crafty go ahead and bring out that sewing machine!

Empty Those Wallets
You don’t have to spend that money, just examine it. Take out your coins and bills and talk with your kids about all the different people that are represented on our currency. The US Mint has a whole kid’s site with facts, figures and games right here. Then have your kids draw their own versions of pennies, nickles and dollar bills. Let’s just hope this doesn’t ignite a love of making counterfeits.

Photo: Sunny Chanel

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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