5 Hilarious Animal Videos to Share With Your Kids

You're going to click on my video, right?

Our children are not allowed to go on YouTube without an adult, so one of my favorite “family time” activities is following funny animal video links with them while we all sit around and cackle like a bunch of hyenas.

There’s something about watching animals doing funny things that is universally appealing, as the view counts on most of these videos indicate. I credit some of their allure to the fact that nobody has to feel like they are laughing at another person’s expense. Sure, it’s hilarious to watch some dude get whacked in the nuts accidentally with a piñata stick, but it will never match the cathartic, guilt-free laughter that can be enjoyed from watching a cat attack itself in a mirror. Ever.

Here are five of the most popular humorous YouTube videos featuring animals, in no particular order.  The first one is relatively new, but I think it is bound to be a viral hit soon because it combines so many of the “dramatic” animal vids that are out there (and are worth a link creep, too).

Inception Dramatic Animals

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Ultimate Dog Tease

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Mishka Says “I Love You”

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Probably The Funniest Cat Video You’ll Ever See

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Super Cats

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There are thousands of videos out there and I hardly profess to have seen them all. Do you have a favorite I missed?


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