5 Hilarious Yearbook FAILS

It’s time to order yearbooks! Even though they’re ridiculously expensive, your kid isn’t even a senior and they’re the 15th thing the school has asked you to buy in the past week – they are mandatory. How else will your family be able to treasure all those special, special moments from this school year?

I propose there may be other reasons to buy the yearbook.

Because I didn’t realize it til this week, but they are excellent sources of parental information and sometimes – comedy. Of course you can eyeball what all your kid’s classmates look like – but you can also get a read on what the hell is going on in that school.

Example: See the gentleman to the left? NOT DATING MY DAUGHTER.

Some of the examples are really funny, some are pathetic and some make it clear that as a culture we are indeed in the hand basket, headed to hell.  If you want to see the full set, click over to – they’re worth checking out.

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  • That quote must mean a lot to her. 1 of 5
    That quote must mean a lot to her.
    In case you have trouble reading it, it says: "You're laughing because I'm laughing. But I'm laughing because I farted."
  • Classy move, son. 2 of 5
    Classy move, son.
    I bet his parents were delighted to see this.
  • Better not to write anything… 3 of 5
    Better not to write anything...
    And let them wonder if you're stupid.
  • Wait. WHAT? 4 of 5
    Wait. WHAT?
    I'm not going to lie. That's weird as hell but I would totally be friends with this girl.
  • Yes, ANYTHING. 5 of 5
    Yes, ANYTHING.
    I just... There are no... I mean... Really?

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